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Twitch Squad Streams are Here

Twitch has this week launched its new Squad Stream feature which allows up to four streamers to live stream at the same time. The service,...

Twitch No Longer Advertising Big Streamers

Recently, hit streaming service Twitch, faced a little bit of controversy thanks to some questionable advertising choices. As many of you know, frontman of Fortnite...

Twitch Offering 21 Free Games With Twitch Prime This Month

Everyone likes free stuff, right? As part of this months Amazon Prime Day 2018 celebrations (literally had no idea this was a thing), Amazon...

Twitch Affiliates to get Sub Buttons this Week

Twitch have announced that users will now be able to Subscribe to steamers in the Twitch Affiliate program. Last April, Twitch launched the Affiliate program,...

Twitch Studios: What This Could Mean for You

Twitch is not only the single biggest video game live-streaming network in the business, but is looking to become THE online mecca for production and hosting of events online.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild 100% Speedrun Takes More Than Two...

The word "speedrun" has a simple concept, beat (run) the game as fast (speed) as you can. There are variations on how a speedrun...

Twitch Announces Twitch Pulse

Twitch has this week unveiled a new way for Twitch streamers to interact with their community, Twitch Pulse, a new network that's similar to Twitter, but for Twitch Streamers.

Twitch to Start Selling Games, Streamers Get a Cut of the...

Back in 2014 Steam tried to take a slice of the streaming pie by offering its players a chance to stream games through the platform itself being a direct competitor to Twitch. Now it looks like Twitch is biting back by offering game sales through the live streaming platform with both streamers and developers benefiting directly.

n3rdabl3’s 4th Smash Tournament is Happening Today!

Today starting at 9pm GMT / 1pm PST will be the stream for 4 Glory: n3xt l3v3l. 4 Glory is, aptly named, the 4th...
Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime announced, included with Amazon Prime

Twitch has announced and rolled out a new premium subscription service by the name of Twitch Prime. The service offers a number of benefits including...
n3 + Matcherino

n3rdabl3 and Matcherino present: Smasherino

In a bid to allow the fans to sponsor the esports entertainment that they want, a crew of businessmen and gamers in Washington have created Matcherino. Based on the premise of crowdfunding tournaments and esports experiences, Matcherino is looking to let the fans increase the production value of events worldwide.

Twitch Launches Social Eating Channel… To Watch People Eat

Since I discovered the Internet way back in 2002, I quickly learned that online, almost anything is a "thing". Whether it's Rule 34, ASMR, or some other unknown joy, chances are you can find it online. The latest craze, apparently, is watching people eat food. It's become so popular in Korea, that Twitch has launched a dedicated category for "Social Eating".

You Can Now Tip Twitch Streamers by “Cheering” for them

Twitch has unveiled a new scheme which will hopefully help support the little guy by allowing viewers to tip their favourite creators using something called "Cheers".
hype managemenet

Hype Management Launches, Hopes to Help Video Game Content Creators Bloom

Today marks the launch of Hype Management, a new influencer relations and talent management agency tailored specifically for the video game industry and hopes to help bring video game publishers and brands together with top YouTube creators and Twitch streamers.

Rocket League Gets a Championship with a $75,000 Prize Pool

Psyonix and Twitch have this week announced a partnership to organize Rocket League's official competitive organization, the Rocket League Championship Series, which will have players compete for a share of the total prize pool of $75,000.

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