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Social Media is the Best Anti-social Platform According to Research

I have always been a huge advocate for social interaction. Social Media is great, its a wonderful thing to be able to connect to...

Vine may not be Dead After All… Provided Twitter Sells

For those of you still saddened by the death of Vine there's some potential good news on the horizon as the short-form video app could remain alive and kicking thanks to a potential sale - and no, not to pornhub.

Twitter Bids Farewell to Vine

In a surprising move yesterday evening, Twitter has announced that they'll be killing off their 6-second video social network, Vine, in the very near future.
Mickey Mouse

The House of Mouse May be Buying Twitter

It looks like Mickey and the gang may have a new animal friend if the latest reports are to be believed as Disney is apparently looking into purchasing Twitter.

Twitter Jump on the Sticker Hype, But with a Difference

Let's face it, the hashtag is dead. Long live stickers! At least that's what Twitter is effectively saying with the launch of their new Sticker function. Or #Stickers as the company is calling it.

Twitter and Vine Now Support 140-second Video Clips

If you thought the six-second video limit on Vine was a little too short, then prepare for a pretty big change coming soon to both Vine and Twitter that'll allow you to record clips that are upto 140 seconds long. Though don't get too excited, it may not be for you.

Twitter Locks Millions of Accounts Following 32 Million Account Leak

Yesterday we reported on the recent leak which saw some 32 million Twitter account names and passwords being put on the black web for sale. Twitter denied that their security had been breached, but today they're ensuring no accounts are compromised by locking those which could be affected.

32 Million Twitter Passwords Released Online Following Hack

If you're an active user on Twitter then be warned, a Russian hacker claiming to have obtained over 32 million Twitter usernames and passwords is prepared to release this data to the highest bidder.

Twitter Changes 140 Character Limit to Discount @names and Media

Following earlier rumours that Twitter may change the 140 character limit to no longer include things such as images and links, Twitter has today announced they've done just that, with a few added extras.

Twitter may Remove Photos and Links from Twitters 140 Character Limit

In an effort to let you get more out of your 140 characters on Twitter, the microblogging service may finally be listening to users and could be removing image and URLs from counting in the 140 limit.

You can Now Live Stream on Periscope with your DJI Drone

Periscope has announced three new additional features to the popular live streaming service that'll be coming to all users in the next few weeks, one of which will be killer for drone enthusiasts.

Periscope Streamers can now #Save their Broadcasts Forever

It looks like Periscope is taking some cues from Facebook Live as it's now introduced a way for live streamers to save their broadcasts for later playback. These saved broadcasts will also remain available for as long as the streamer wishes.

Twitter’s Periscope Hits 200 Million Streams in First Year

Over the past couple of years live-streaming content has absolutely blown up. It first began with games, and with the launch of apps like Meerkat and Twitter's Periscope, live streaming events and even your life has become just as popular. This weekend Twitter revealed just how popular mobile live streaming has become by announcing that in the first year alone, Periscope has seen 200 million streams.

Twitter is the Next Company Looking to Win you Over with...

Twitter is hoping to have you upload more pictures to the microblogging site by allowing you to slap silly stickers all over your images before you share them.

Huzzah! Twitter is Adding a Native GIF Search Button!

Now there's no need to open your web browser and search for the most perfect GIF as Twitter has now got your back, or at least will have once the feature rolls-out across the board. A new native GIF searching feature is coming to Twitter allowing you to never type a word again and express yourself in GIF format!

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