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Canonical Announces new High-end Ubuntu OS Smartphone from Meizu

With MWC set to kick off this weekend, Canonical has released details of its latest Ubuntu OS smartphone, the Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition, a smartphone with the highest spec of any Ubuntu OS phone so far.
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Canonical Announces New Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition Tablet with Convergence Features

Some of you may remember back in 2013 when Canonical announced the Ubuntu mobile OS. Aside from being an Ubuntu-powered OS made specifically for mobile, it also hoped to reinvent the way we used our devices with a new Convergence feature which would essentially turn your smartphone or tablet into a full Ubuntu Desktop. Unfortunately since then we've heard little about this feature actually coming to the consumer. Then, Canonical announced the Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Edition, the first Ubuntu-powered Tablet with Convergence features.

The Ubuntu Phone is Alive and Launching Next Week

If you've all but forgotten the existence of an Ubuntu Phone then today's news will surprise you as Canonical has announced that the first...

Ubuntu Touch OS Smartphone Coming Sometime Next Year.

Following the failed IndieGoGo campaign for the Ubuntu Edge smartphone, Canonical have been continuing to work on the Ubuntu Touch OS and news today suggests we could be seeing smartphones loaded with the Ubuntu OS sometime next year.
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Ubuntu Edge IndieGoGo Unsurprisingly Fails to Reach $32,000,000 Goal

After what has felt like a ridiculously long 30 days Canonicals ambitious IndieGoGo campaign for the rather spectacular Ubuntu Edge smartphone has failed to reach it's fairly high target of $32,000,000.

Though the attempt at reaching the thirty two million dollar target failed, the campaign didn't really fail. What I mean by this is that the campaign managed to reach an outstanding $12,809,906 which has actually broken the crowdfunding record previously set by the Pebble Smartwatch. That's at least something, right?
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Bloomberg support the Ubuntu Edge by adding $80,000 into the kitty.

Canonical's IndieGoGo campaing for the Ubuntu Edge had a fantastic start but as of late hasn't been doing so well, and the outlook of the campaign is looking bleak. Now, Bloomberg LP have become one of the first corporate backers of the campaign adding a whopping $80,000 into the kitty in exchange for the 'Enterprise 100' backer level.
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Canonical update Ubuntu Edge IndieGoGO but are they clutching at straws?

Canonical's IndieGoGo campaign the absolutely amazing Ubuntu Edge has been running for almost 14 days now. They've currently raised a little over $8,000,000 of their $32,000,000 needed to actually supply the hardware to backers but the funding seems to have plateaued causing Canonical to add more incentives as well as a brand new video introducing the hardware, but is it enough or is the campaign destined to fail - I think it's the latter.
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Ubuntu Edge IndieGoGo Raises over $3 million in 24 hours, introduces...

The Ubuntu Edge IndieGoGo campaign has been live for around 2 days now and has already raised a whopping $4,284,849. Yesterday Canonical announced that they'd hit the 10% mark and as well had sold completely out of the $600 "Day One" price band for the Ubuntu Edge phone and in replacement added a new "Double Edge" perk which for $1400 secured you two Ubuntu Edge mobiles at a discounted rate.

Ubuntu Touch recieves Verizon backing as they join Ubuntu Carrier Advisory...

I've been keeping my beady eyes on Canonical's Ubuntu mobile OS since it's announcement in January this year and one of the major deciding factors as to whether this Linux operating system will be making it's way onto mobile was whether smartphone manufacturers and carriers adopted the OS.
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The First Ubuntu Phone due out in October This Year

Exciting news for those of us who are looking forward to the range of Ubuntu smartphones that were announced earlier this year. According to CNET, The Ubuntu OS Smartphone should be "ready for retail" in the fourth quarter of 2013...
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Ubuntu OS in Action!

Canonical announced yesterday the release of their latest venture, the Ubuntu mobile OS. Ubuntu is a popular Linux distribution thanks to it's easy to install nature...

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