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What Makes an Indie Game Last?

Yesterday, I was writing up a news article on the new Cuphead art book. Whilst I was typing away, it hit me that the game is nearly...

Undertale Developer Announces Deltarune, Releases it For Free

Happy Halloween! Undertale developer Toby Fox has today announced a brand new game, Deltarune and has surprised everyone by releasing it for free via his website.

Undertale Collector’s Edition Announced For Nintendo Switch

It isn't often that an indie game comes along and commands the respect and praise that the more established AAA titles enjoy, yet in...

Undertale Gets a Release Date For PS4 and PS Vita

Developer Toby Fox have announced that their quirky RPG Undertale will launch August 15 for PS4 and PS Vita. Speaking in a blog post on...

E3 2017: Undertale is Coming to PS4!

The quirky indie game that took the world by storm last year is officially making the leap from PC to PS4 and PS Vita!

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