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New Doom Film is Pushed Back to a Fall Release

Universal has announced that the upcoming DOOM movie has been pushed back to Fall 2019 in an effort to "make Hell awesome". If you went...

New Skyscraper Trailer Yells Yippee Ki-yay…

Universal Pictures may have found their own Die Hard as the new Skyscraper trailer has some serious vibes of the not-so-family-friendly anti-Christmas movie.
DOOM 4 Baron of Hell

New DOOM Movie in the Works at Universal

There's a new DOOM movie in the works over at Universal, according to vocalist Nina Bergman who accidentally "leaked" the information on Twitter. Video game movie...

New Skyscraper Trailer Shows that Dwayne Johnson is Still a Hero,...

Universal Pictures have released a brand new trailer for their upcoming action movie, Skyscraper, that'll see Dwayne Johnson once again become a hero.

The First Purge Trailer is Trying to Make Purging Great Again

Universal Pictures has released a brand new trailer for The Purge prequel, The First Purge, and it's channeling Donald Trump.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Trailer Released

The trailer for the upcoming Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has finally been released. This comes after a number of leaks in the past few weeks, putting pressure on Universal Pictures to release the trailer in its entirety.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Clips Arrives Ahead of Trailer

Universal Pictures has revealed another teaser clip for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom ahead of the movie's debut trailer this Thursday, and it's chaotic.

The Bellas are Back in the New Trailer for Pitch Perfect...

Universal Pictures have released another new trailer for Pitch Perfect 3 which shows everyone's favourite a capella group pretty much being replaced by a...
The Mummy

Here’s a New Trailer for The Mummy

Universal Pictures has released a brand new trailer for The Mummy, showing off the movie's new female mummy in more detail.

Despicable Me 3 Gets a Trailer!

Despicable Me has been a hit since it came to our screens. It's spawned 3 feature lengths, 10 short films and 3 games. Not to mention a whole host of minion based merchandise. Despicable Me 3 was announced back in January 2014 and it's now recieved a trailer!
The Mummy

Here’s the Debut Trailer for The Mummy Reboot

I love The Mummy movie series, I personally think that Brendan Fraser did a perfect job depicting both a serious action role with a smidgen of comedy. However Hollywood has a knack of rebooting franchises and The Mummy has become one of them, with Tom Cruise at the helm it's looking to be a much more serious affair than before.

Here’s 28 Seconds of Matt Damon in Jason Borne

Ahh the Borne Movies, they're a fantastic series, at least until you get to Borne Legacy, but we won't talk about that one, shall we? Anyway, this weekend saw Super Bowl 50, during which we were given a glimpse of a number of new flicks, including Jason Borne.

Here’s the Latest Warcraft TV Spot

Video game movies haven't had the best rep over the past couple of years, with pretty much every game-based moving being a bit of a flop, it'll be interesting to see whether Activision Blizzard's live-action Warcraft movie can turn heads.
goosebumps book

New Goosebumps Poster and Trailer is Here…

Hey 90s kids, remember that TV show that gave us all nightmares? Well it's being turned into a movie starring Jack Black, and just to remind you how terrifying this series, and the books they were based on, used to be. Here's the movie's first poster.

Here’s the First Trailer for Steve Jobs

Following a fairly brief teaser, here's the full trailer for Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs biopic starring Michael Fassbender. It's based on the biography by Walter Isaacson, and looks very much like an Aaron Sorkin flick.

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