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Venom set to Release a Fresh Take on Nintendo Switch Cases

UK based gaming accessory company Venom has announced their new protective shell case for the Nintendo Switch. Of course, there are a lot of...
Venom Movie Still

Venom Sequel Finally Confirmed

In what definitely comes as no surprise (especially considering our article from a few weeks ago) Venom as been confirmed to be getting a sequel.

Two More Sony “Marvel” Movies On The Horizon?

With the creation of the Sony Universe of Marvel Characters - Catchy name, guys - It should come as no surprise that there'd be more "Sony Marvel" movies on the horizon. Especially when they announce the dates for two new films.

Weekend Box Office (14/10/2018): Venom Keeps its Grip on First

It looks like Sony's Venom had another strong weekend performing better than expected in the weekend box office. But that wasn't the only one as Bradly Cooper's A Star Is Born also did pretty well for itself.
Venom Movie Still

Weekend Box Office (07/10/2018): Venom Smashes October Weekend Record

While critics aren't too impressed with Sony's latest Marvel movie, Venom, it didn't stop cinemagoers from watching this past weekend as the movie smashes weekend records for October.

Venom Will Be PG-13, Not R Like Director Had Teased

Since the announcement of Venom, fans were being promised that director Ruben Fleischer would be pushing Sony for a "Hard R" rating.

Sony Officially Name Their Marvel Universe

Sony have big plans for the 900ish Marvel character properties that they own and, in an article about that daunting subject, they've revealed the name for their, er, MCU. It'll be known as the SUMC, or "Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters"

Venom Aiming to be Rated PG-13 According to Report

Bad news for all us perverts who can't enjoy a film without a good dismemberment or two: Sony has announced their desire for the upcoming Spidey spin-off Venom to receive a PG-13 rating.

Venom Trailer Gives us a Good Look At the Symbiote

The final trailer for Sony's upcoming Venom movie has finally been released. This new trailer, unlike the other two, doesn't hesitate to show off the symbiote in all his glory!

Second Venom Trailer is here and I’m Scared

Sony has released the second trailer for their upcoming movie, Venom, and this time we finally get to see the Symbiote in action.

Venom Teaser Trailer Shows Tom Hardy… but no Venom…

Today, Sony released the first official Teaser Trailer for their upcoming Venom movie, starring Tom Hardy as your friendly neighborhood symbiote.

First Look At Venom… Or Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock

Recently the first set photo from the Venom movie was released. It shows Tom Hardy in full Eddie Brock mode... I mean it looks like Tom Hardy, but still.

Tom Hardy Cast as Venom in Spider-man Spin-off

It's been confirmed that Sony has found the lead for its upcoming Spider-man spin-off movie, Venom. The Dark Knight Rises actor, Tom Hardy, will be taking the lead while Ruben Fleischer is to direct.

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