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Vine may not be Dead After All… Provided Twitter Sells

For those of you still saddened by the death of Vine there's some potential good news on the horizon as the short-form video app could remain alive and kicking thanks to a potential sale - and no, not to pornhub.

Vine Co-Founders Announce Hype, Another Live-streaming App

Hot off the heels of Twitter's announcement that it'll be closing Vine, the video-sharing service's co-founders launched a brand new app, Hype, an app which joins the likes of Periscope and Facebook Live in the live-streaming space.

Twitter Bids Farewell to Vine

In a surprising move yesterday evening, Twitter has announced that they'll be killing off their 6-second video social network, Vine, in the very near future.

Twitter and Vine Now Support 140-second Video Clips

If you thought the six-second video limit on Vine was a little too short, then prepare for a pretty big change coming soon to both Vine and Twitter that'll allow you to record clips that are upto 140 seconds long. Though don't get too excited, it may not be for you.
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Vine Launches Vine Kids, It’s Vine.. But for Kids

Child-friendly versions of popular apps are becoming more common now smartphone tech is landing in the hands of almost everyone nowadays. Snapchat launched a kid-safe version of their app, and now Vine has launched a kid-friendly app too, allowing little ones to browse child-friendly loops.
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You Can Now Get your Vine Fix on Xbox One

If watching endless loops of six second videos on mobile doesn't quite cut it for you any more you can now watch Vine's in style as Microsoft have released a Vine app for Xbox One. The app, available now to all Xbox Live members will let you fill up on all of your favourite 'Vine-ers' along side all of your favourite games and entertainment.
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New Vine Update Adds Loop Counter.

The 6 second video sharing giant that is Vine has had another update, this time adding Loop Counts. Loop Counts are basically views, it keeps a real time tally of how many times your Vine has been looped. Simple stuff. This allows users to not only see how many people have liked, re-vined or commented on their videos but it gives an accurate count of how many times it's been viewed...

Xbox One to Get 46 New Apps

New apps coming to Xbox One...finally.

According to a blog post on his website, Larry Hryb - otherwise known as Major Nelson - detailed that Xbox One will be getting 46 new apps, including the much requested HBO GO app. Xbox owner's consoles will also finally see Twitter, but it will be more of a UI integration than a separate app, allowing for integration and use while watching TV.

Vine Website Update Makes it a 6 Second YouTube.

If you hadn't yet noticed or if you're someone who sticks to apps rather than their web counterparts, http://vine.co, the website which lets non-app users and desktop users view your 6 second clips, has received an update effectively making it YouTube with nothing but 6 second videos.

Vine Gets ‘Vine Messaging’ / ‘VM’

Do I like Vine? No, I flipping love it! The Twitter owned app has recently gotten another update that introduces Vine Messaging, and you'll never guess what it does...

Vine Introduces Web Profiles and TV Mode for Serial Vine Watchers

And just like that Vine rolls out it's web profiles. Last month we wrote how Vine had opened up the chance for users to grab vanity URLs for their Vine web profiles and boom, here they are, along with a brand new "TV Mode" that allows you to indulge in your favourite Vine clips completely uninterrupted.

Vine Introduces Web Profiles and Custom URLs, Grab Yours Now!

Since the Twitter owned Vine app launched on iOS in January and then Android a little later (followed recently by Windows Phone) your chances of seeing people's 'Vines' were either through the mobile app, or if that person decided to share their 'Vines' through Twitter or Facebook. That's all about to change now Vine have announced their plan to introduce web profiles for it's millions of users with Twitter Verified users getting first dibs.

Just How Fast Is The Xbox One At Redeeming Codes?

It's no secret that the Xbox One will be using the Kinect alot to make for the best gaming and entertainment experience possible. And recently Larry Hryb a guy partly responsible for bringing us Xbox, Kinect as well as Xbox Live. He's currently working on the Xbox One but took time out of his day to show us just one of the features of this new and improved Kinect...
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Vine, Instagram, and Flipboard Are Coming to Windows Phone!

And it's about bloody time too.

Today Nokia made a huge announcement, not only did they throw six different devices at us including a tablet, they also announced the imminent arrival of highly sought after apps, Vine, Instagram, and Flipboard! But that wasn't all.

YouTube Founders introduce MixBit.

The two co-founders of YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, have announced a brand new app which takes the best things about Vine, Instagram, and YouTube and whacks them all together in this fantastic looking app for iOS.

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