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Un’Goro Expedition Diary: Chapter 1

Grab your cutlass and sharpen your wit! Our patience has been rewarded and the journey into Un’Goro is finally underway! Elise and her peers aren’t the only ones on this voyage, as we; the n3 Enterprise will also be roaming these new realms, reporting our findings and sharing our personal thoughts on the new organisms we come across.

Don’t Expect Warcraft Remasters Any Time Soon, “…it’s Just Not That...

While many of us have a soft spot for games we played when we were younger, more often than not revisiting them can often lead to disappointment. Blizzard are all too familiar with that, as they've revealed that they have no plans to remaster the first two games in the Warcraft series, because they're just "not that fun".

Warcraft’s Home Entertainment Release Comes with World of Warcraft and Other...

The home entertainment release of Warcraft will come with more than just the movie, as select physical editions of the movie will come with a copy of World of Warcraft, as well as other goodies for Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm.

Here’s the Latest Warcraft TV Spot

Video game movies haven't had the best rep over the past couple of years, with pretty much every game-based moving being a bit of a flop, it'll be interesting to see whether Activision Blizzard's live-action Warcraft movie can turn heads.

Here’s the First Trailer for Warcraft

Following a brief tease, the full official trailer for the upcoming movie, Warcraft, is finally here and it looks pretty damn epic.

Here are the First Snaps from the Warcraft Movie

The movie has been in development for some time and with most of the principal photography coming to an end already it's all about post production, but what exactly will the movie look like? We're yet to get a cinematic glimpse at the movie itself, but what we do have is a still and a character model up close and hairy.

Universal Pictures Shifts Release Dates of Warcraft and Pacific Rim 2

If you've been making a note of a handful of movie releases that happen to be coming from Universal Studios, get your eraser as a fairly large handful of upcoming releases have been shoved back and pulled forward. Warcraft, which has already suffered a delay, will now be moved from Match 11, 2016, to June 10, 2016, and Pacific Rim is also being pushed back a few months from April 7, 2017 to August 4, 2017. And that's only the half of it.

Filming for Warcraft has Wrapped!

Filming for the upcoming Warcraft movie has come to a wrap according to the movie's Director Duncan Jones who tweeted the news on Friday. The movie, based off of the hugely popular Warcraft series by Blizzard, had a rocky moment when the film's original director Sam Raimi pulled our due to other commitments, but was thankfully replaced by Jones.

Warcraft: The Movie – In The Beginning There Were Orcs And...

Details surrounding the long awaited WoW movie have surfaced above the murky waters and older RTS Warcraft players will be happy to note that the plot will go back to it's roots.
World of Warcraft

Warcraft Movie Give Release Date

According to Warcraft's official Twitter, the cinematic Warcraft experience will be released on December 18, 2015.

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