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Warframe Finally Gets a Release Date for Xbox One

Free-to-play sci-fi shooter/slasher Warframe finally has a release date for Xbox One after a lengthy console exclusivity with Sony's PlayStation 4. We've known that Warframe will be making its way to the Xbox One, we just didn't know when, leaving us guessing as to when exactly we'll be able to hack, slash, and shoot our way through waves of space-pensioners.

Warframe Receives PEGI Rating for Xbox One

A listing on the European ratings agency, PEGI, may have revealed that the free-to-play, co-operative sci-fi, third person shooter may be coming to the Xbox One according to a listing that's appeared on the website.

Warframe Trailer Slips Out of the Darkness for PS4

Warframe has been one of the most successful co-operative free-to-play titles of the past year and it's making it's way to a PS4 near you soon.

This new trailer adds a little story to the often dizzying action seen in the game and showcases a number of abilities, weapons and the individual warframes you can possess. Shady profiteer, Alad V displays the power of his new toy to the space ninjas in a cyclone of deadly force, an effort to prove that they can be taken down a peg or two... Or can they?

Sony Announces First PlayStation 4 Pre-Orders on Store

A tweet from @PlayStation this afternoon, revealed that titles Warframe and Knack are among the first games to be released on pre-order from the PSN Store.

Free-To-Play PC Title Warframe will be Launching on the PlayStation 4

The PC free-to-play market is booming, we've got a bucket full of fantastic games some of which can be compared to the top console AAA titles that are around today; even large AAA developers such as Ubisoft have jumped in on the action with Ghost Recon: Online. But for some reason the free-to-play model hasn't really touched the home console system.

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