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Okay, World of Warships: Legends is Awesome and Free!

For those that have enjoyed the "World of..." titles, World of Warships: Legends is the one of the newer installment within the franchise (and...
Pagan Online Screenshot

Pagan Online Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Wargaming and Mad Head Games has revealed the first gameplay trailer for Pagan Online, their upcoming action RPG. Set...

Football Returns to World of Tanks

Wargaming has announced the return of Football in World of Tanks bringing three new specialist roles and Gianluigi “Gigi” Buffon as commentator.

Splash Damage Teams up with Wargaming for New Games

Wargaming has announced that they're teaming up with Splash Damage, the developer behind Brink and the recent free-to-play shooter, Dirty Bomb, for new games within the "Wargaming universe".

World of Tanks Grand Final 2017 – Blow by Blow Account

It has been a big year for World of Tanks. The game received five major updates in 2016 and the New Year event saw big changes to the game. The World of Tanks Grand Finals 2017 took place on Sunday 28 May and I attended an event in London to watch the game with fans.
Master of Orion

Master of Orion Review – Terraforming the Future of Strategy

'Master of Orion' follows in the footsteps of the 1993 spaces strategy title, 'Master of Orion' - but does it do justice to one of the most celebrated strategy games of the 90's? Or has 4X killed another big name? Find out in this review.

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