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Movies Based on Video Games Could be at a Turning Point

With the increasing popularity of video games over the past 20 years or so, the curiosity surrounding the story behind the games has also become just as popular. Now, I know movies based on video games is a bit of a sore subject amongst you fellow gamers as there is a lot of evidence to support the discontinuation of movies based on video games. But in recent years it does appear that there have been a few glimmers of hope and some unexpected surprises with such content. The main example I have for this is Forward Unto Dawn, the Halo based live action series. It wasn’t a movie as such, but it did show a very popular universe brought to us in a different way.
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Watch Dogs Sells 8 Million Copies

Yesterday Ubisoft announced that Watch Dogs, their recent open world hacking game, has sold 8 millions units to retail. The announcement comes as part of its quarterly finical report and Ubisoft seem to be pretty happy about it. With this sort of demand, Watch Dogs has set it self up as a another big player for Ubisoft.
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HAT_DOGS Hacks my Funny Bone

Team Fortress characters + Watch_Dogs tech = amazing.
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Ubisoft Announce Additional Content for Watch Dogs, Coming Tomorrow.

Ubisoft have announced a bunch of additional content that's coming to Watch Dogs, tomorrow. The new pack will include three missions, upgrades and weapons. The Palace Single Player Mission, Signature Shot Single Player Mission and the Breakthrough Single Player Mission were originally available with special edition of the game. The pack will also include The Biometric Rifle and the Auto-6 pistol, Dedsec Battery Boost, a Blume Weapon Boost, a Driving Master boost and an ATM Hack boost.
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The n3rdcast Episode #24 | ‘The Chillow’

This week brings a new format. Again. Which of your favorite segments will stay alive? When will my MacBook succeed in traveling back in time to eliminate world leaders? Which teams lost in the group stage? (HINT: NOT THE USA) Tune in to find out! We do manage keep a semblance of professionalism, though. Tune in to hear industry news, and what we think about Watch_Dogs and the PS Vita. Xbox VS PlayStation free games of the month, Destiny news and Speedrun talk finish it out. Let us know what you think of the new format!
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Ubisoft Confirms the Existence of Deactivated Watch Dogs PC Graphics Settings

2The PC version of Watch Dogs, Ubisoft's open world hackathon action game, has been under heavy scrutiny since it's release due to the highest graphics settings being a "downgrade" from the gameplay demo that was shown at E3 in 2012. Since then a PC modder discovered some deactivated graphics settings which significantly improve the game's graphics, sparking Ubisoft to release an official statement about the deactivated code.

May 2014 NPD: Gamers Spend 52% More Than May, 2013

The business of making, distributing and marketing games is vast. We all know this. It seems though that, at least in the US, this May has seen a greater level of spending on games than last year. During May the US market spent $586 million on physical hardware and software, a figure 52% higher than the $387 spent during the same period last year.

UK Gaming Charts: Watch Dogs Comfortably Fends off Football Fever, Remains...

Watch Dogs remains in first place for the third consecutive week comfortably fending off football fever as gamers get into the World Cup spirit with EA Sports' 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil which climbs to second place this week. Elsewhere Wolfenstein: The New Order creeps up to third place knocking Mario Kart 8 all the way down to fourth.

UK Gaming Charts: Watch Dogs & Mario Kart 8 Remain Top,...

This weeks charts show no real change from the top two with Watch Dogs still with its teeth firmly sunk into first place and Mario Kart 8 remaining firmly in second place. This weeks new entry, Murdered: Soul Suspect has debuted in third place, though its creeping up to Nintendo's latest racer with only 400 sales between the two.

Watch Dogs Ships 4 Million Copies in its First Week.

Ubisoft have revealed some more definitive numbers as to how well their new open world 'hacktion' game Watch Dogs has done over the past week of the game being on store shelves. The company announced last week that Watch Dogs had already broken records for the publisher as the fastest selling IP in their history, but they didn't reveal exact numbers, until now.

UK Gaming Charts: Watch Dogs Hacks Into First Place, Sets New...

Last week game publisher Ubisoft revealed that Watch Dogs has become the best selling day-one title for the company ever, but that's not all, Following last weeks release of the open-world hacking action title, it has smashed the week-one sales record for new IP and eclipses the new IP record set by ‘L.A Noire’ three years ago.
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Watch Dogs Review

Watch Dogs has been one of my most anticipated game since it came out of nowhere at E3. It was a time before Grand...

Watch Dogs Sets First Day Sales Record for Ubisoft

Watch Dogs has been one of the most anticipated titles from Ubisoft so much so that the publishers have revealed that it's smashed through their first day sales record and has become the quickest selling Ubisoft title, ever.

Watch Dogs PC Plagued with Uplay Errors, Game Unplayable for Some.

Ahh, the good old PC Master Race. Please excuse me whilst I be smug for a second as I'm often faced with keyboard warriors keen to brag about how their platform is more superior and how consoles are the inferior gaming platform. It looks like those who are a part of this master race of gamers are having difficulties playing Ubisoft's latest game, Watch Dogs, due to authentication errors on Ubisoft's Uplay.

Watch Dogs ctOS Companion App Launches Today on Android and iOS.

Today marks the release of one of the most anticipated titles from Ubisoft, Watch Dogs, a game based in a hyperconnected reimagining of Chicago which stars Aiden Pearce, the protagonist with the power to control the entire city from his pocket. Along side the launch of the game Ubisoft have released a ctOS companion app which allows you to poke around other people's games as well as set up races.

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