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Watch Dogs – Just How Big Is The Map

PlayStation Access have released a new gameplay video showing of just how big Chicago is in Ubisoft's upcoming open world hacktion game Watch Dogs. The game's map may not be as big GTA V but Ubisoft are going for a deep world rather than a big world.

Watch Dogs Gets a Launch Trailer, Who Else is Excited!?

We are now just under a week away from the official launch of Watch Dogs and Ubisoft have finally released the launch trailer for their open-world hacktion title. This will be the last trailer and information we'll receive about the game before we can start exploring it ourselves. Who else is excited!?

Ubisoft Warn Of Fake Watch Dogs Reviews

Ubisoft have tweeted warnings of fake reviews for their upcoming open world hacktion game, Watch Dogs, which are being published on the web. Review...

New Watch Dogs Video Hacks The Real World in this Epic...

A new video has been released showing off what the powers of Aiden's Phone in the game Watch Dogs would look like in real life. "AMAZING STREET HACK" video show real life customers who just wanted there phone fixed get there hands on ultimate hacking power with quite funny results.

Watch Dogs Has Gone Gold After Five and a Half Years...

Ubisoft have announced that Watch Dogs, their open world hacking game has gone gold. For those of you that don't know, going gold is...
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Ubisoft Confirm Watch Dogs Resolution/Framerate, No Console Hits 1080p/60fps

Yesterday we reported that Sony had removed claims that Watch Dogs on the PlayStation 4 would hit a resolution of 1080p and a framerate of 60fps which suggested that perhaps Sony's claims weren't correct.. Damn right they weren't. Ubisoft has now officially released details of what each console can achieve in the visual department and the news is neither next-gen console hits a resolution and framerate of 1080p/60fps.

Watch Dogs Runs Best on PlayStation 4.. Or Maybe Not..

Earlier this week Sony revealed via a listing on the company's website that Watch Dogs would be coming with a resolution of 1080p and a framerate of 60 frames per second. This information acted as a nice air drop of information for those fighting the console war, that was until Sony removed all traces of information pointing to framerate and resolution..

Watch Dogs 101 Trailer Tells you All You Need to Know...

Ubisoft has just released the Watch Dogs 101 trailer which tells you all you need to know about their highly anticipated open world 'hack 'em up'. The trailer goes from start to finish through every aspect of the game highlighting the games features such as Hacking, the games Characters, and the brilliant Multiplayer, as well as the games Companion App.

New Watch Dogs Character Trailer Shows Us Who We Can Trust.

Ubisoft are going all out on Watch Dogs news recently, Today see the release of another trailer looking at the characters in the game. One of the characters that is focused on in the trailer is T'Bone who will star in the recently announced single player DLC campaign.
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Watch Dogs Achievements Revealed?

A new achievement list has appeared online for Watch Dogs on xboxachievements.com. This achievement list is more believable that the one that appeared a few weeks ago. The full list can be viewed here, there don't appear to be any that will be really hard to complete but six are secret although they most likely will be story related.

Ubisoft are Now Shift Focus to the Wii U Version of...

We're pretty much all set for the release of Watch Dogs for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. We've got our release dates, we've seen enough screenshots to almost give the game away, and we've experienced the multiplayer found in the game. But what about the Wii U? Ubisoft have revealed that they're now shifting focus to the Wii U version of the game, which must be great news for those of you committed to Nintendo's home console.

GAME List 300 Stores Opening for Watch Dogs Midnight Launch.

Watch Dogs launches worldwide on May 27, 2014 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, and for those wanting to get the game as soon as it launches at exactly midnight will be able to do so at one of the 300 GAME stores. To give you a helping hand, GAME have released a full list of every store opening late on May 26 so you can grab the game when clocks strike 12.

The Watch Dogs Season Pass Gives you Access to a Unique...

Ubisoft have just annonced the Watch Dogs Season Pass. Which is set to include a unique single-player story featuring T-Bone, a brilliant but eccentric hacker;...
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Don’t Worry, You Won’t Be Constantly Bothered by Dicks in Watch...

In Watch Dogs, idea of having both a single player and multiplayer experience seamlessly blended into one game might seem like a bad one. With the possibility of someone entering and messing with your game doesn't exactly seem appealing, especially if you're trying to take part in the games story. Thankfully Watch Dogs’ Lead Gameplay Designer Danny Belanger, has cleared things up a bit and has revealed that you won't be bothered by other players, all of the time.

Watch Dogs American Special Edition Receives An Unboxing And Other Watch...

Nik one of the community managers gives American players the first unboxing of there special edition of Watch Dogs. The special edition includes - A Steel Book copy Of the game , a copy of the soundtrack, a 9" figure Of Aiden, an art book, and a vigilante mask. This special edition combines features from the UK Dedsec and Vigilante Editions of the game.

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