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Amazon, GameStop, and GAME Honour PlayStation 4 Bundle Pre-Orders, Target Cancels...

In light of the latest news that certain launch titles for the PlayStation 4 will be delayed some players who had pre-ordered bundles containing said titles were left scratching their heads, wondering what exactly they'll be getting with their pre-order. In most cases their pre-orders will be honoured, but if you've pre-ordered a bundle from Target, well, no pre-order for you.

Ubisoft Pushes Back Next-Generation IPs

Those of you already lacing up your kicks to get in line for the release of Ubisoft's upcoming new franchises Watch Dogs and open-world racing experience, The Crew, will have to sit back down for the next few months as Ubisoft have announced as of October 15th that the greatly anticipated action-adventure title originally set to ship late-November will be held back for a Spring release next year.

As for The Crew, we can only assume going by what Ubisoft announced in a conference call this morning that the product will most likely reach retailers for September 2014, which may pose as a disappointment for consumers hoping for a release in the early months of next year.

Watch Dogs- E3 Trailer Leaked

Leaked to the internet not long ago is the Watch Dogs trailer; Ubisoft had planned for the fast approaching E3. I don't know about everybody else-- but I truly thought the trailer was live action for the first couple seconds. We've come a long way peopl
Xbox One cover

Xbox One – Thief, Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed 4 confirmed.

Hot off the heels of the Xbox One reveal event developers have started confirming games for the newly announced system...

New Watch_Dogs Screens & More Info Revealed

Brand new screenshots have been leaked on Ubisofts up coming game Watch_Dogs. The screens include some ways in which the protagonist Aiden Pearce can take advantage of hacking into the CtOS (Central Operating System) which is controlling the city.
PlayStation 4 Event

The PlayStation 4 Event Had No PlayStation 4.

After a late night of trying to watch the most appalling live stream ever I've woken up with bleary eyes and an overwhelming feeling that I stayed up till around 1:30 am to watch a bunch of gameplay trailers, and a closer look at a controller we've seen already..
Watch Dogs

The Most Anticipated Games to be Released in 2013

New Year is always times for celebration, though avid gamers will have even more reason to rejoice the dawning of 2013, as the year...

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