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The Windows Store Needs to Grow Up if it Wants to...

Over the past week or so, Microsoft has confirmed their commitment to making Windows 10 and thus, the Windows Store, a central hub for gaming on Microsoft's new OS. The only problem is, the Windows Store has a long way to go before it's considered as such, and Microsoft needs to really sort it out if anyone is going to take them seriously.

Forza Motorsport 6 and Future Forza Horizon Games Coming to Windows...

Since Microsoft announced that Xbox One title, Quantum Break, would also be coming to Windows 10, the company reaffirmed their commitment to bringing the same great games across both Xbox and Windows 10 which would also include some form of cross-buy functionality. In a new report, a number of new games have been touted as the next Xbox exclusive games to come to Windows 10.

Love it or Hate it, Quantum Break isn’t Coming to Steam

Following the news that Microsoft will be porting the previous Xbox One exclusive to Windows 10 when the game launches in April, many have been wondering whether it'd leave the fairly crappy-looking Windows 10 store, and land on something that proper PC players use, like Steam. And now we have answers...

Next-generation CPUs will Only be Supported by Windows 10, says Microsoft

Microsoft is phasing out older operating systems sooner than we thought with a new announcement which reveals the company will no longer support Intel...
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Apparently There’s 18 Million ‘Active’ Xbox One Units, Says Report.

Although Microsoft has remained coy about spilling the beans on the sales numbers for the Xbox One, what we do know for sure is that it's slowly getting better for Microsoft. But according to a new report, we may have some indication as to how well it's going for the Redmond company.

Top Tips for Building a PC for the First Time

I'm a console gamer, I always have been and despite now owning a fairly up-to-date (in terms of hardware) gaming PC, I likely always will be. But being in this industry there are a lot of things I've wanted to play, but just couldn't due to hardware constraints. So time to upgrade my AMD Athalon II desktop PC to something a little more robust.

Xbox One’s Big Update is Coming this November

If you've been eagerly awaiting the Xbox One's big backwards compatibility update then Microsoft has some good news for you. Come November 12 not only will a select number of Xbox 360 games be playable on the Xbox One, but the UI will also be getting its big Windows 10 overhaul.

Microsoft Unveil First Windows 10 Lumia Smartphones

Windows 10 is set to be a universal OS that'll not only be on PCs, but it'll also be on smartphones, tablets, and even the Xbox One. Currently Windows 10 has really only rolled out to PCs, but at Microsoft's hardware event yesterday, they unveiled the Lumia 950, the 950 XL, and the cheaper Lumia 550.

Windows 10 is now Installed on 75 Million PCs

A little over four weeks ago, Microsoft started rolling out their new OS, Windows 10, to PCs across the globe, and although adoption seemed pretty positive in the first couple of days, now the numbers are pretty massive.

Windows 10 Won’t Run Games with Old DRM

We've already heard that Windows 10 has the ability to disable your cracked and pirated video games and software, but now it's been revealed that Windows 10 won't be able to run games with certain DRM, something used to stop pirates...

Windows 10 Isn’t as Pirate Friendly as you Thought

Though Microsoft quickly backtracked on the free upgrade of Windows 10 for pirates, they are still set on offering a cheaper upgrade for those with a non-genuine copy of the OS. But for those thinking Microsoft had gone soft on pirates, think again, as Windows 10 has the ability to disable your pirated games.
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Gamescom 2015: Windows 10 Comes to Xbox One this November

At Gamescom today, Head of Platform Engineering, Mike Ybarra announced that Windows 10 will be coming to Xbox One this November.

A Week with Windows 10: First Impressions

After force updating my PC on Wednesday, July 29, I'm now sitting here with my free upgrade of Windows 10 from a fairly old version of Windows 7. It's currently Day 5 with the OS and so far my first impressions are pretty positive, in fact, never have I ever used a Windows OS to its full potential than I have with Windows 10.

Windows 10 is Already Installed on 14 Million PCs

On Wednesday the tech world got a little giddy for the release of Windows 10, and although it was meant to be a slow roll-out across a select few PC's, a shortcut was discovered which pushed the update to your computer immediately. Fortunately it didn't cause any problems and so far Microsoft has seen 14 million installs of the new OS since July 29.
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Keyboard and Mouse Support is Coming to Xbox One

One of the biggest updates coming to the Xbox One is its compatibility with Windows 10. Already players can stream Xbox Games to the preview build of Windows 10, but in the future there's also word that Windows 10 streaming will come to the Xbox One, but there's a catch...

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