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Xbox One owners get game streaming with Windows 10

Microsoft have announced that new game streaming features revealed last month will now be available to any Xbox One owners who have a Windows...

Not Everyone Will Get Windows 10 on July 29

With Windows 10 launching on July 29, pre-registration for the new OS has been well under way for a few weeks now, and while the OS for many is completely free, not everyone will be getting it on July 29 like previously thought.

Features being cut from Windows 10

Goodbye Windows Media Center and desktop gadgets, these features and more will be cut from Windows 10 As we previously reported, Windows 10 will launch...

Expect to see Windows 10 at the E3 PC Gaming Show

E3 2015 will include many firsts. Bethesda are holding their own conference for the first time and another first will be the PC Gaming Show, an event dedicated entirely to PC Gaming. During the event not only will some great PC games be on show, but Windows 10 will also be making an appearance.

Windows 10 Will Cost you $119

For many, Windows 10 will come as part of a free update and will remain free for the life of the device. This free update will last for a year and for those who decide not to upgrade, we now know how much it's going to cost you.

Windows 10 Release Date is July 29

If you've been eagerly awaiting the release for Windows 10 then grab your red marker, because it's coming sooner than you think. Microsoft has today confirmed the release date for Windows 10 in a blog post highlighting how you can reserve your free download of the new OS.

Windows 10 Will Arrive on Xbox One “Post-summer”

We already know that Microsoft won't be launching Windows 10 on Xbox One the same time they plan on launching the OS, but what we don't know is roughly when we'll be seeing Microsoft's unified operating system across all of its other platforms. Now however we've received more of an indication on when the Xbox One will see the massive update.
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Upcoming Xbox Update Focuses on Windows 10

For those hoping for a chock load of Xbox One updates in this month's preview you'll sadly be a little disappointed as this month all eyes are on Windows 10. Expect the addition of Avatars, Game Hubs, Game DVR, and other general improvements coming to the Xbox app on Windows 10, and little coming to the Xbox One... so far anyway.
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Pirates, You’ll still Have to Pay for Windows 10

So, Microsoft recently revealed that they'll be offering that free upgrade to Windows 10 to everyone, even those with non-genuine versions of Windows. Which seemed like a great idea, but that actually wasn't the case at all. Pirates will still have to pay.

Candy Crush Saga to come Pre-installed in Windows 10

Y'know what, I'm fine with having trial versions of virus scanners, Microsoft Office, and all that other junk that comes with a fresh install of Windows, but Candy Crush Saga, really? Now that's taking the biscuit a bit, right? What are you playing at, Microsoft?

Windows 10 might be the last Windows Operating System

Windows 10 may possibly be the last iteration of the Windows Operating System we know so well Microsoft is definitely working hard to make Windows...
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Windows 10 for Mobile, Xbox, and more Delayed

During Microsoft's Build conference this week, the company announced that various versions of their new operating system aren't quite ready yet and will launch at a later date. The news was confirmed by Microsoft's Joe Belfiore who revealed little detail on the mobile-version's delay. "Our phone builds have not been as far along as our PC builds," explained Belfiore. "We’re adapting the phone experiences later than we’re adding the PC experiences."

Windows 10 Release Accidentally Leaked by AMD?

In an earning's call AMD CEO Lisa Su made reference to Windows 10 suggesting that the new platform-wide operating system would be launching at the "end of July". Microsoft is yet to make a statement as to whether this is true or not, all we know for sure is that the OS is coming some point this summer..
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Windows 10 is Coming This Summer

Windows has announced that it's planning to roll out their new Windows 10 operating system this summer to around 190 countries. An exact date hasn't been nailed down just yet, but on Microsoft's Windows Blog, Windows chief Terry Myerson has tacked the release down to this summer.

Cortana on its way to Android and iOS

According to a report from Reuters, Microsoft will make Cortana available after Windows 10 is released later this year. Following that, a standout alone app will be rolled out in the Google Play Store and the App Store. Offering the service on multiple platforms would open potential markets. Microsoft has refused to comment on whether it plans to do this though.

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