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Xbox Live Gold won’t be Needed to Play Online Games on...

Multiplayer gaming on Windows 10 will continue to remain free confirms Microsoft. With Microsoft's recent push to merge Xbox One gaming and Windows 10 gaming,...

Windows Phone gets Bluetooth Keyboard Support

With Windows 10 on the horizon it's easy to forget that Microsoft are still releasing devices and software updates to the tainted 8.1 variant of their Operating System, well at MWC Microsoft revealed two new Lumia devices, both of which come packaged with the next flavour of Windows Phone 8.1...
windows 10 product family

Xbox One and Windows 10 to have Cross-Buy Support, [email protected] Coming...

Microsoft has announced this week at GDC that the Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms will get cross-platform purchasing, also known as cross-buy, meaning that you purchase one game on one platform, and get the same game on the other, absolutely free.

Mirosoft Announce Windows 10 is Coming to the Raspberry Pi 2...

For a while now the Raspberry Pi mod-boards have helped people both young and old get into the world of coding, usually with the help of open source operating systems such as Linux. But for those looking for an affordable PC that runs Windows, you're looking at spending at least a couple of hundred pounds on a laptop or a tablet running Microsoft's OS. But in the coming months, thats all about to change, as Windows 10 is coming to the Raspberry Pi 2.
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Microsoft’s Goal is to Allow you to Stream to PC While...

Over the weekend Microsoft's Xbox boss Phil Spencer took to Twitter to answer some questions regarding the new features that'll come along when Windows 10 is rolled out fully to Windows PC and Xbox One.
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Here’s What the Xbox One App Looks Like on Windows 10

Earlier this week Microsoft showed off some of the features for consumers in their upcoming operating system, Windows 10, which would not only be releasing for PC, but for Windows Phone and Windows tablets, and even the Xbox One. During the presentation they also showed us what the Xbox One app would look like on Windows 10, which would allow us to message friends via text and voice, and at some point, allow us to stream Xbox One games to our PC's and tablets.
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Windows 10 and Xbox One will be Tightly Integrated, Stream Xbox...

During Microsoft's consumer-focused Windows 10 event, the company announced that not only will the Xbox One be getting Windows 10, but the PC and tablet versions of Windows 10 will also have Xbox tightly integrated allowing you to do many things such as voice and text chat with Xbox friends, fiddle with DVR clips from your Xbox in Upload Studio, and that the Xbox One will be able to run Windows 10 apps.

Windows 10 Will Be a Free Upgrade for Windows 7, 8,...

Yesterday Microsoft held a Windows 10 event which focused on the consumer side of Windows, letting us know exactly when we'll be able to grab Windows 10 for our devices, and surprisingly enough they're taking the same approach as Apple allowing Windows users to upgrade to Windows 10, for free, for anyone on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1.
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Windows 10 Leak Shows off new Xbox App for PC

Microsoft is currently readying a new update for the Windows 10 preview which focuses on consumer features of their upcoming operating systems, one of which is a brand new Xbox App for PC which allows Xbox One players to access Xbox features such as Achievements, Friend Lists, Activity feeds, and more. The preview also shows off Cortana integration which will allow users to use voice commands in Windows 10.

Microsoft to Reveal Consumer side of Windows 10

We've seen a lot from Windows 10 in a pretty short space of time, ever since Microsoft "jumped the shark" and decided to drop Windows 9 altogether we've found out quite a lot about Microsoft's next big OS, with Windows 10 looking to take the best bits from Windows 7 and combine that with the modern UI of Windows 8...
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All Lumia Devices Could Receive Windows 10 Upgrades

A Microsoft Twitter account has hinted that all Lumia devices currently running Windows Phone 8 could be upgraded to Windows 10 when the new OS rolls out next year.
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Forget Windows 9, Microsoft Has Unveiled Windows 10, coming 2015

Let's just get this out of the way shall we. I'm assuming Microsoft called their next OS Windows 10 because 7 8 9.. Geddit? Heheheh. Now we've got that God awful pun out of the way here's some actual news! Yesterday during Microsoft's Windows event they unveiled the next-generation Windows OS, Windows 10, to the world. In brief, Windows 10 takes everything great from Windows 7 and Windows 8 into one pretty good looking OS, though it'd make more sense if they called it Windows 15.

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