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Microsoft Research Team Reveal Interactive Live Tiles for Windows 8

Microsoft are taking live tiles forward and are looking to develop their functionality beyond the snapshot of information that they currently serve...

The n3rdcast episode #8 | Captain Soggy

Your favorite podcast hosts hate on white people, Windows 8 and talk Free-to-Play games...
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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to retire after 33 years on the...

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has announced that he will retire from his role within the next 12 months, stating that the new Microsoft strategy will require a CEO with more long term potential.

Project Spark Beta Heading to Windows 8 in October and Xbox...

Microsoft Game Studio's game creation sandbox video game Project Spark, will launch it's Xbox One beta in January. The next-gen beta will come with everything fully playable according to Microsoft Game Studios general manager Dave McCarthy.

Goodbye Zune. Microsoft Closes it’s Doors on August 22

Everyone remembers the Microsoft Zune. When Microsoft released the Zune on November 14, 2006, supporters of the Microsoft world decided to put their iPods in closets and drawers and decided to pick up the new Microsoft Zune. When the Zune was purchased, buyers obtained a music subscription service known as, Zune Music Pass for video and music streaming.

Sadly, on August 22, Microsoft stated that they will be shutting their doors on the Microsoft music player. The switch from the "Microsoft Points" to local currencies caused for the shut down of the Zune marketplace.

Halo: Spartan Assault blasting onto Windows 8

We've all heard about the rumblings of Microsoft registering countless web domains in the past few days in relation to something called Spartan Assault. Some of us though it was going to be a new Halo game - and in some ways you'd be right.
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Microsoft Tell Us What To Expect From Windows 8.1

We reported recently that Microsoft were planning to relaunch their flagship Windows 8 Operating System, and it has now been announced by the company what users can expect when the update rolls around later this year...
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iTunes For Windows 8 Is A No-Go Say Microsoft

windows 8It appears that Apple doesn't want to share it's toys, even though every attempt has been made by the team at Microsoft, Apple are not allowing an iTunes app to be integrated with Windows 8.
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Microsoft set for Windows 8 Relaunch

It's been a strange sort of day for Microsoft and its flagship Windows 8 Operating System as there have been more rumours that the company has been forced into a U-turn over the OS whilst at the same time it has been reported that Windows 8 passed the 100 million sales mark...
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Windows 8.1 leak. ‘Kiosk Mode’ discovered.

It’s a continued series of leaks for Windows 8.1 as build 9374 hits file sharing sites. Though it doesn’t have major changes, a new featured titled ‘Kiosk Mode’ has been found.
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Microsoft to Join the Smart Watch Feeding Frenzy?

Following in the footsteps of big names such as Sony, Apple and Samsung, as well as the David to these Goliaths, Kickstarter project Pebble, Microsoft appear to be about to join the smart watch market...
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PC sales worldwide tumble…

Research firm IDC have reported that during the first three months of this year, PC sales worldwide fell 14%...

Nokia Announce New Additions to the Lumia Family

Nokia look keen to claw back their share of the mobile phone market from Samsung, who overtook them in terms of market share last year, as they reveal another round of low cost phones...
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The Microsoft Surface’s Windows RT has been Jailbroken!

I find it pretty annoying the way certain devices are governed by their manufacturers, we've got Apple's rules on what apps are allowed on iOS, Samsung,...
Tobii Rex in action

Tobii Rex – Your Eyes Aren’t Just For Seeing Now!

Picture the scene, you're sat in front of your monitor with Windows 8 running in all its glory and you think to yourself, 'I'm...

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