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Xbox One

Microsoft to Start Offering Refunds?

Microsoft are currently testing a new refund procedure for Xbox One and Windows 10 according to this Reddit user. It seems to still in...

Microsoft Twitch Competitor ‘Beam’ Now Available to Insiders

In August 2016, Microsoft acquired Beam, an interactive livestreaming service. Big companies often buy smaller ones to incorporate their software into their own, but Microsoft has a cleverer idea it seems. Windows 10 Insiders, those who preview new features in the operating system, have reported the existence of a new streaming app!

Lumia 940 and 940 XL leaked?

With Windows 10 Mobile coming later this year, we should expect to see more high-end and competitive devices on Microsoft's platform. AdDuplex's ad network...

Microsoft announce their own PC-on-a-stick

Turn any monitor or TV into a Windows 10 PC with PC on a stick One of the most intriguing tech releases of the past...
windows logovideo

Microsoft Garage Releases ‘Next Lock Screen’ for Android Phones

Microsoft's excellent 'Garage' project has given birth to a number of useful and enjoyable apps for Windows Phone, shining a refreshing light on an often lacklustre app store, and it now seems that Microsoft wish to push the brilliant work of their developers to the Google Play Store for Android users to enjoy...

Microsoft Unveils Wired Xbox One Controller for Windows

A few months back Microsoft announced support and subsequently released drivers for the Xbox One controller so that it worked just like the Xbox 360 controller on the PC. This was a welcome addition to PC players who also owned an Xbox One as they could make the most of all of the forty-odd improvements that the new Xbox One controller boasts. All they needed was a microUSB cable and a few seconds to download the drivers and they were on their way - oh and an Xbox One controller.
razer logovideo

Razer Release a Video Game Deal Hunting App

A new app that helps find video game bargains is the latest product to be released by Razer available for Windows PC.
htc one m8

One of the Best Android Phones, the HTC One (M8), May...

How could you instantly make one of the best Android phones one of the worst? Simple, whack Windows Phone onto it. It may seem like sacrilege to fans of HTC's top bollocks Android phone that the company may go back to its Windows roots, and it is, but it looks like it could be happening pretty soon, more specifically, this August.

Microsoft Sets Sights on Google’s Chromebook With Budget Laptop Range

Microsoft isn't doing very well recently, the Xbox One is losing out to the PlayStation 4, it's Windows Phones are losing out to iOS and Android handsets, and it's laptops aren't really built for the budget market. But they're hoping that that's about to change now they're setting their sights on Google's Chromebook range with a hanfull of new "Stream" devices that run Windows.

Microsoft Research Team Reveal Interactive Live Tiles for Windows 8

Microsoft are taking live tiles forward and are looking to develop their functionality beyond the snapshot of information that they currently serve...

Meet Cortana, Microsoft’s Attempt at a Google Now / Siri Competitor.

In Microsoft's upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 update users will have a new companion in their pockets in the form of Cortana, a personal digital assistant much like Apple's Siri and Google's Google Now. For those hoping that it'd take on the glowing white/blue face of Halo's Cortana, you'll be sadly disappointed.
TD300_Detached_Dual OS

Dual Boot ASUS Transformer Book Duet TD300 Reportedly Cancelled, Google to...

During the run up to CES earlier this year there were rumours that ASUS were planning to unveil a new laptop/tablet hybrid that allowed the user to seamlessly switch between both Windows and Android operating systems. The company did unveil the device at CES with a North American launch planned for the end of March but it seems that this might not happen anymore as the device has reportedly been cancelled by ASUS due to pressure from Google.

Windows on your Chromebook? Google and VMware Make it So.

One of the main reasons people can't part with their beloved Windows PC or Laptop to opt for the more affordable Chrome OS powered Chromebooks is the lack of Windows apps and programs such as Skype and Photoshop. Sure there's a handful of amazing alternatives that perform just as well, but people don't like change. That's why Google and VMware have figured out a solution to get Windows apps on your Chromebook hitting another nail into the Windows coffin.
TD300_Detached_Dual OS

Huzzah! The ASUS Transformer Book Duet Gets Announced, Dual Boot Windows/Android!

On Monday ASUS revealed the ASUS Transformer Book Duet, something they previously teased in a video last month. This tablet/laptop hybrid runs both Android and Windows 8.1 and can be used as either a tablet or a laptop. Bloody crazy, right?

ASUS’ Dual Booting, Transformer Book Duet, Leaks Ahead of Announcement.

Remember last year when ASUS released a teaser video which seemed to point to a dual booting Android/Windows tablet? Well it seems that an image as well as some information on the tablet has leaked ahead of the official announcement at CES this week and what we're looking at is something pretty awesome.

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