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Microsoft Surface

Surface RT, four months on…

It’s been around four months now since Microsoft released the first product in their Surface family of PCs, the Surface RT tablet. Surface RT is a Tegra 3 powered tablet running Windows RT - a version of Windows 8 built for computers with ARM processors. If you’re not familiar with Surface RT you can read my original review here. So, four months on, what’s changed?
Firefox Os

Mozilla join the Mobile Software Game with Firefox OS

Mobile World Congress continues to throw up head-turning tech and developments in the world of gadgets, one of the most surprising so far may just be Mozilla's announcement to enter the mobile OS market with their Firefox OS...
Runescape Logo

Runescape classic servers now live!

Today is the day we've finally been waiting for, the classic Runescape servers, allowing members of the game to play on servers dedicated to hosting an old school version of Runescape, that was available back in 2007, have arrived!
The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac- The Little Game That Could!

Indie games have blasted onto the mainstream gaming scene recently, especially with the encouragement of their creation through programs such  as Steam's Greenlight project...
Polarbear App

Polarbear App Sneak Peek.

Running a website is pretty tough, not only do you have to manage the site and it's content, you also have the social networking...
State of Decay

State of Decay – My most anticipated game of 2013

Now some of you may of heard of State of Decay, most of you may not have. This is no fault of your own,...
Xbox Surface Concept

There Ain’t No Surface Like An Xbox Surface!

The end of last month saw the release of the Microsoft Surface (you can check out our review here) but now there's mention of...

Review: Microsoft Surface RT

Microsoft Surface RT A few months ago when Microsoft announced that they would begin developing their own range of PCs many were surprised, not least...
The Adorables

The Adorables, Now Available on Windows 8

Today see's the launch of Windows 8, and along with that comes a whole bunch of games that're compatible with the tablet optimised OS. One...

Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard Review

Surface isn’t the only new hardware from Microsoft this year – The company are also releasing a new mobile keyboard and mouse alongside the...
Windows 8

Windows 8 set to arrive on October 26th

Three years after the release of Windows 7, Microsoft have just announced that their tablet friendly version of Windows, Windows 8, will be arriving...
Windows 8

Hands on: Windows 8 as a tablet OS

In recent weeks a handful of companies have announced tablet computers designed for Windows 8 (or Windows RT, the version built for ARM processors)....
PC Obesity

Guest Post | Fighting PC Obesity

About the guest blogger: Larry Heart is a tech blogger and web marketing consultant. He believes, that creativity is most powerful thing in the Web...

Review | Zubhium

Developing an app is hard enough as it is, and trying to keep up with all of the crash reports and bug reports...

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