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Worbital Review

We're lucky we're all still alive. With the world's governments imploding on themselves following bad decision after bad decision, global warming becoming unmanageable (though...

Worbital Brings Real-time Planetary Battles to PC This Month

Team Jolly Roger has announced that its interplanetary war game, Worbital, will be launching on PC later this month on January 31. In Worbital players...

Planetary Battle Game Worbital Delayed to 2019

Team Jolly Rodger has announced that their upcoming planetary battle game, Worbital, will now be launching in 2019.

Worbital Launches Open Beta for World Destroying Mayhem

Worbital, the upcoming real-time space war game from The Jolly Rodger, has entered open beta with keys being dished out via their Discord channel.

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