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Worms WMD Review #2

Worms eSports? Now That’s an eSport I’d Watch…

The term eSports has come a long way in the past few years. This genre of sport, if you could call it that, has evolved further than just first-person shooter and MOBAs to include various gaming mediums like Rocket League, and now... Worms?
Worms WMD – Screenshot 4 – Gamescom 2015

Here’s the Launch Trailer for Worms W.M.D

The Worms series celebrates its 21st anniversary later this year, so what better way to celebrate than to blow other teams of worms to smithereens using tanks, trucks, and mounted weapons?
Worms WMD – Screenshot 2 – Gamescom 2015

New Worms W.M.D Trailer Takes a Closer Look at Environments

Team17 has this week unveiled a brand new trailer for their next Wormy instalment, Worms W.M.D, which explores some of the game's destructive environments.
Xbox Live

Xbox Deals with Gold is DLC-licious

So many discounts!

Oh Dear! Team 17 Nearly Lost Worms IP to Publisher in...

Ah the 90's, the years of the Fresh Prince, Spice Girls, and Crash Bandicoot, but little did my pre-teen self know that one of my favourite gaming franchises, Worms, could have been no more due to the developers, Team 17, almost losing the IP to an unnamed publisher way back when.

Flockers Early Access Preview

For decades in gaming, sheep have been relentlessly persecuted. The butt of a thousand jokes and victims of a million atrocities. Torn asunder in Warcraft, subjected to torture in Skylanders, and even weaponised in the Worms series. The woolly warriors now though have a savior from an unexpected party. Team 17, made famous in part by the aforementioned Worms series, have decided it's time for us all to guide the oppressed Ovis Aeris to freedom through a series of nefarious challenges.

EGX Rezzed | Hands on with Team 17’s Flockers

The name Flockers had been hovered around Twitter heavily in the days leading up to EGX Rezzed. Coming from Team 17, best known around the world for the Worms franchise, I will admit I was a little skeptical of where they would be going with Flockers. Luckily on behalf of n3rdabl3, I'm pleased to say my skepticism was explosively blown out of the water (with a holy hand grenade).

Team 17 Reveal All on Flockers, Their First Non-Worms Game in...

When you think of Team 17 you immediately think of Worms, right? If not, where have you been for the past decade? Anyway, rock dwellers aside, Yesterday at EGX Rezzed Team 17 unveiled their first non-worms game in almost 13 years to the public, Flockers, and oh boy, it's a real treat!

Incoming! Two [email protected] Games Revealed, Worms and Nutjitsu Titles Coming in...

Microsoft have revealed the first two [email protected] games that'll be coming to the Xbox One next month, the first with the least information is a new Worms title from Team 17, the second is a new Nutjitsu title from World of Keflings developer Ninjabee.

Humble Bundle with Android 7 is Live, get Worms Reloaded and...

Earlier this week Humble Bundle launched their Humble Bundle with Android 7 which is currently offering six games for PC, Mac, Linux and Android for a little over $6. That's about £4 for us Brits! So for about £4 you'll not only get six fantastic games for your Android device, you'll also get the Steam key for the games Windows, Mac, or Linux counterpart, pretty amazing huh? So let's get started, what exactly will you get for your money?

Worms: Revolution Extreme heads to PS Vita.

Team 17 are really trying to dominate the gaming market this year with a hearty helping of new or improved Worms titles; with Worms: Clan Wars for PC, Worms 3 for iOS, and now Worms: Revolution Extreme for PS Vita.

Worms Clan Wars – Same ol’ Worms, brand new game.

I've been a huge fan of the Worms series almost from the beginning. The late 90s was when I first fell in love with a game which involved two teams of worms battling it out on a fully destructible environment. Worms Armageddon has given me so many memories from the trademark cries the Worms shout when calling in an air strike, to the witty comebacks the worms give after being shot in the face with a Bazooka.

Over the years some people may say that Team 17 have regurgitated the various Worms titles, others like myself are perfectly happy with what Team 17 have been releasing. Team 17 have been paying attention to both sides and now introduce a brand new Worms title which aims to completely refresh the Worms series, and that my friends is a brand new PC exclusive - Worms Clan Wars.
Worms: The Revolution Collection

Worms Revolution Collection Set For Release on May 3rd

I'm sure I'm not far from the truth when I say that everyone has heard of Worms, the 2D cartoon game where Worms battle it out on an entirely destructible battleground with a huge arsenal of weapons at their disposal including things like the Banana Bomb, the Holy Hand Grenade, and Super Sheep.
Worms for Facebook

Play Worms on Facebook!

Since the late 90's there has always been a game that's stuck in my mind for years and that's the hilarious turned based war...

Great News for Worms Fans! Team17 Are Having a Summer Sale!

That's right! Team17 are having a summer sale on their entire Apple catalogue! The summer sale includes their entire iOS collection for £0.69 ($0.99). The games...

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