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Must Have Free Apps for your Smartphone / Tablet

Merry Christmas! Chances are, this morning of all mornings there was a shiny bit of tech sitting under the tree, whether it's a new iPhone, Galaxy S6, iPad, or Android-powered tablet, you're probably lost as to which apps to download? Of course, you've got your social network apps and the usual list of top 10 apps on each app store, but what about the hidden gems? What about apps you may not have considered? Well we've got some apps for you!

Wunderlist set to join Microsoft

Launching over five years go Wunderlist has grow to be a success for the company with over thirteen million users worldwide who have collectively created more than one billion to-dos. These are some serious numbers that really do blow your mind when you think about it. The news that Wunderlist will be joining Microsoft is set to allow the product to grow and developer even further.

Wunderlist Pro gets support for file uploads

Wunderlist, the superb todo list application created by 6Wunderkinder is getting a big update ahead of the product reaching 5 million registered users.
Wunderlist 2

Wunderlist to get premium release. Wunderlist Pro on the way.

German developer 6Wunderkinder have today announced that “soon, very soon” they will be releasing a new, premium version of Wunderlist. The goal of Wunderlist Pro is to guaranteed that team work, small or large, will be simple and more productive...
Wunderlist Multiplatform

Wunderlist Review. The To-Do List With Style.

With the ‘Add to Wunderlist’ update earlier this week I now feel it’s time to give Wunderlist 2 a full review. I've been using it daily across multiple platforms, trying all the updates, features and more for some time so it’s time for the full breakdown. When released a few months back, Wunderlist 2 aimed to redefine the task management app and make it bigger, better and more beautiful then ever before. However, did 6Wunderkinder pull off the act of revolutionising their to-do list, task management product?

Wunderlist gets ‘Add to Wunderlist’ Browser Extension

Berlin based 6Wunderkinder continue to take Wunderlist, their to-do list product, a step further with the release of ‘Add to Wunderlist’. The arrival of this exciting new features means that Wunderlist becomes even more than just a to-do list application. It’s small additions like this that really allow Wunderlist to stand out from the rest.

From Berlin with love, Wunderlist 2 for iPad.

News today from Germany as Berlin based startup 6Wunderkinder get ready to release Wunderlist 2 for iPad and iPad mini. Not only that but there latest release of Wunderlist has reached more then half a million registered users in just eight weeks. A great step for this free productive application.
Nexus Devices

Must have apps for your Nexus tablets!

With the holiday season now gone by those of you who were lucky to get their hands on a Nexus 7, or Nexus 10,...

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