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Microsoft Could be set to Offer an Xbox Live/Game Pass Combo

Microsoft has been pushing its Xbox Game Pass for a while now, and if a rumor is to be believed, a new Xbox Game...

Xbox Live Prices to Rise in the UK

Xbox Live prices are set to rise by £1 a month, in order to “address changing market conditions.” Xbox owners will undoubtedly have received this...

Xbox Live is Coming to Nintendo Switch, Mobile

Microsoft is teasing that Xbox Live Support will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android bringing Xbox features to other platforms for...

Xbox Live Indie Games Shutting Down on September 29

On September 29 Microsoft will be shutting down Xbox Live Indie Games. This means that after the cut off date all those indie titles...

How to Prepare for the Inevitable DDoS of PSN and Xbox...

It's Christmas Eve, it's also a Saturday, which means you're likely off work and getting everything sorted for the big day. Gifts are wrapped, tomorrow's food is being prepped, and you're finally able to settle down. But there's one thing you might have forgotten, something which could cast a shadow over the entire holiday period - the inevitable DDoS of PSN and Xbox Live.

Sign into Xbox Live Every 5 Years, or Lose your Gamertag

In an effort to free up more Xbox Live Gamertags, Microsoft has added a new line in its Terms of Service agreement which requires users to sign in at least once every five years. In otherwords, use it or lose it.
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[E3 2016] Xbox One Update to Bring Clubs and More Improvements

At Microsoft's E3 event earlier this week, the company not only unveiled two new Xbox One consoles, but also revealed some upcoming features coming to the current Xbox One.

Xbox Live and Rocket League are Free This Weekend

Ahead of E3 Microsoft has announced that this weekend, Xbox Live will be free on Xbox One and Xbox 360 this weekend allowing players to head online without paying a subscription fee.
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Microsoft Announces Plans to Support Cross Platform Play on Xbox Live

Here's a massive bomb which Microsoft has just dropped. The Xbox One could, in future, be compatible with "other console and PC networks."

Xbox Live Suffers 12 Hour Downtime

Yesterday evening we logged onto Xbox Live to partake in a friendly match of Rocket League, however, what we were faced with was a confusing message, for some reason our Xbox wanted us to insert the disc. Odd. Thinking nothing of it, the game eventually launched, that was until it crashed, and we could no longer launched the game. Yep, Xbox Live was down - again.

Xbox Live Gold Subscribers Getting Free Trial of EA Access

Following the success of EA Access on Xbox One, EA recently launched a similar initiative on PC; Origin Access. So in what seems like a way of saying "thanks" EA is offering Xbox Live Gold subscribers on Xbox One a chance to try EA Access for free for an entire week.

Idiot “Hackers” Reveal Plans to Take Down Game Servers this Christmas

Oh joy, another group of "hacker" idiots have revealed plans to take-down Xbox Live and PlayStation Network servers once again.
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Xbox Live Gold won’t be Needed to Play Online Games on...

Multiplayer gaming on Windows 10 will continue to remain free confirms Microsoft. With Microsoft's recent push to merge Xbox One gaming and Windows 10 gaming,...

Here’re March’s Games for Gold, maybe.

It appears that the Games for Gold in March have been revealed early, over at Eurogamer they seem to have gotten the early scoop...

Xbox Live and PlayStation Network DDoSers Say they Won’t Take Down...

If you received a new console for Christmas this year it's likely your Christmas Day didn't go as smoothly as you'd have liked thanks to certain individuals deciding it's be "funny" to take down Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. For the past couple of days service disruptions have continued, but now they've come to and end with the group behind the DDoS attacks saying they won't do it again.

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