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hugo barra

Hugo Barra Reveals He’s Leaving Xiaomi

Hugo Barra made waves back in 2013 when he left Android in favour of Chinese company, Xiaomi. With this move, many expected the company to finally find its way to Europe and North America, but sadly that never happened. Now, it seems Barra is keen to return to Silicon Valley and leave Xiaomi behind.

Xiaomi Eyes-up World Domination in the Smartphone Market

Xiaomi, pronounced "SHOW MEE," is known best as the Apple of China, partly due to the company's dominance in the country over other OEM's, and partly because most of their devices take some sort of design cue from Apple's devices. For a while now I've been wanting Xiaomi to become more of a predominant manufacturer outside of China, and though they're currently getting as far as India, I'm still hoping for more. And that's what Xiaomi's CEO hopes for too.
Xiaomi Yi Sports Camera

MWC 2015: Xiaomi Take on GoPro with the £41 Yi Sports...

Lookout GoPro, the Chinese company famous for making incredibly cheap handsets similar in spec and style to Apple's devices, has set their targets firmly on the action-cam company with the Xiaomi Yi Sports Camera.

Xiaomi Won’t be Releasing Handsets in the US Any Time Soon,...

This week we saw Xiaomi take one small step to conquer America in the form of the first official press conference which was held in San Francisco earlier this week. For many there were hopes the company would be dragging a suitcase full of devices set to launch in the US, in stead they simply revealed that they're coming to the US, it's just going to take a little time.
xiaomi mi4

Xiaomi Rumoured to Hold US Launch Event on February 12 in...

Xiaomi, also known as "The Apple of China," is rumoured to be holding a press event in Apple's hometown of San Francisco next week where, we're hoping, they'll announce launch plans for the Chinese handsets in the west. And I can't contain my excitement.

Xiaomi Announce Two New Flagship Devices, the Mi Note and Mi...

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi have this morning announced their flaghip device for 2015 which comes in two variants, the Xiaomi Note and the Xiaomi Note Pro, two devices which hope to take on the likes of Apple and Samsung with high specifications and pretty affordable prices.
xiaomi mi4 1

Xiaomi Raises $1.1 Billion in New Capital, Now Valued at $46...

Known unofficially as the Apple of China, Xiaomi have recently been valued at $46 billion. This is after they raised an impressive $1.1 billion in new capital, making the Chinese smartphone maker worth more in the eyes of investors.

Xiaomi Become Third Biggest Phone Manufacturer in the World

Chinese smartphone giants Xiaomi have had an incredibly good year, mainly boosted by their expansion from their birthplace of China into the emerging economy of India; this move has resulted in some somewhat surprising news, Xiaomi are now the third largest smartphone manufacturers in the world...
xiaomi mi4 2

Xiaomi Takes Over Samsung as the Number One Phone Manufacturer in...

Xiaomi is doing well for itself in China and it comes as no surprise too as the company is often called "the Apple of China." Xiaomi is responsible for smartphones and tablets such as the Xiaomi Mi 3, the Mi 3, and their range of budget Redmi smartphones, and of course the iPad look-a-like, Xiaomi Mi Pad, all of which are exceptionally high spec'd devices at a ridiculously affordable price. For a while now analysts have been reporting that Xiaomi have been doing well, shooting up the ranks as one of the best smartphone vendors in China, now it seems that Xiaomi are the best.
xiaomi mi4 2

Pre-orders for the Mi4 Show up in Italy! But Don’t Get...

Pre-orders for Xiaomi's latest flagship device, the Mi4, which was announced last week have surfaced on Italian site Mi-Itallia, but before you wet yourself thinking that Xiaomi are finally rolling their devices out to Europe you'll probably be a little disappointed to read that this is actually the effort of a local importer who likely doesn't have a partnership with Xiaomi - the "Apple of China."
xiaomi mi4 1video

Xiaomi Mi 4 Officially Announced Along Side Super Affordable Smartband..

Earlier this week Xiaomi unveiled their highly anticipated Xiaomi Mi 4, the successor to the Mi 3, and oh boy it's a good looking device. Despite taking obvious cues from the iPhone 5S, the Mi 4 comes packed with features all crammed into a stainless steel frame coated with a nano-coating to deter finger-prints and liquids. According to Xiaomi it's their fastest and best looking device to date.

Xiaomi To Reveal the Mi4 on July 22?

Chinese phone manufacturer Xiaomi, have just celebrated the 10 million sales milestone of their current flagship model, the Mi3, and though it's an absolute stand-out device, it is lacking certain features that more recent smartphones have, one of which being LTE connectivity. But that's okay, as it seems Xiaomi have it covered and are holding an event on July 22 which we believe they're going to announce the Mi4.
gold Mi3

Xiaomi Releases a Gold Mi3 in Celebration of 10 Million Handsets...

Xiaomi is a company I'm always keeping my eye on. Their range of Mi and RedMi handsets as well as their MIUI OS are exactly the sort of devices I want to get my hands onto but unfortunately the company is yet to really expand outside of it's Asian territory. Despite this lack of worldwide reach, Xiaomi are doing incredibly well, so much so that their latest flagship device, the Mi3 has shifted over 10 million handsets, to celebrate this whopping milestone the company are releasing a gold Mi3.
mi pad 1video

The New Xiaomi Mi Pad is an iPhone 5C in Tablet...

Last week Chinese phone manufacturer famous for its MIUI ROM and range of powerful Mi smartphones, unveiled their first tablet into the world, The Mi Pad, which looks exactly how a tablet version of the iPhone 5C would look. It's a Tegra powered device with an affordable price tag.

Xiaomi Rebrand Website to mi.com, Announce Expansion to 10 New Countries.

I've been waiting for this news for months.. years, even. Xiaomi are finally going global and are making plans to release their amazing range of Mi smartphones outside of China. In recent news along with the website rebranding, Xiaomi are also making plans to expand to 10 new markets.

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