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‘BurgerTime Party!’ to Cook Up Fun Fall 2019

Earlier today, XSeed announced that BurgerTime Party! will be making it to the West this fall. XSeed shared a bit of information about the upcoming four-player party...

Once Upon a Time there was a Modder who Fixed ‘Little...

A tale of good vs the evils of demonic PC ports - and the hero? Durante, of course! Read about XSEEDs attempts to defeat the bad PC port for 'Little King's Story' and their search for a hero to help them realise smooth framerates and solve stuttering issues.
akibas beat

Akiba’s Beat Gets a New Trailer, with English Subtitles!

Acquire has released another gameplay trailer for Akiba's Beat, this time its accompanied by English subtitles!
akiba’s beat

Akiba’s Beat Could Arrive on PC Eventually

Akiba's Beat is set to launch on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita later this year in Japan, with a western release also scheduled. But unlike the previous game, Akiba's Trip, there was no news about a PC release.
akibas beat

Akiba’s Beat Gets an E3 Gameplay Trailer

With XSEED bringing Akiba's Beat to the west, we were surprised at E3 earlier this week with a gameplay trailer and a swath of information about the upcoming entry into the Akbia's series.
akibas beat

Akiba’s Beat may be Coming to the West as XSEED Registers...

Good news Akiba's fans, it looks like XSEED will be once again publishing the latest game in the series, Akiba's Beat, as the company has registered a domain for the game.
SK Estival Versus #1

XSEED Announces Senran Kagura: Estival Versus Limited Edition

If you're into anime, big combos, beat-'em-ups and ridiculous levels of shameless fanservice you've probably heard of the Senran Kagura series. Marvelous' equally loved and maligned franchise currently covers a number of 3DS and Vita games that take the player through a modern "rival ninja clans" drama that also happens to involve a lot of boob physics, clothing health meters and general silliness. Most of the time.

Earth Defense Force 4.1 & PS Vita Titles Coming to the...

Good news giant bug battling fans. Two Earth Defense Force titles are making their way to North America this December, Earth Defense Force 4.1:...
story of seaonsvideo

The E3 Trailer for Story of Seasons is Practically a Power...

If there's one thing that's exciting most anime loving 3DS owners, it's the release of the new Story of Seasons and Natsume's Harvest Moon games, but the latest trailer for Story of Seasons is about as exciting as a wet slice of bread.

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