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YouTube CEO Acknowledges Rewind Video Was ‘Cringey’

Cringe is one of those terms that gets thrown around pretty liberally nowadays. Cringe is now used as a general catchall for anything which bears even the mildest resemblance to anything awkward and consequently its kind of lost much of its argumentative weight through aggressive overuse.

YouTube Adds Free to Watch Movies

You can now watch a collection of movies on YouTube for the low, low cost of a couple of ad interruptions. Whilst the current selection is...

YouTube is Reportedly Coming to Nintendo Switch

It's being reported that a YouTube App will be coming to the Nintendo Switch sometime this week. Nintendo's approach to marketing regarding the Switch has...

Nintendo’s YouTube Creators Program Essentially Bans Live Streams

Nintendo has issued an update to its YouTube Creators Program Policy which essentially bans live streaming Nintendo games on YouTube Gaming.

The N3WS – Project Scorpio, Persona 5, Yooka-Laylee

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlES6BqZTTw Each week we publish quite a lot of content here at n3rdabl3, so if you want to know what the most interesting bits we...
SourceFed Hosts 2017

Discovery’s Group Nine Media Shuts Down SourceFed in Huge Shift

Yesterday evening we heard the sad news that Discovery-backed Group Nine Media has shut down SourceFed, SourceFed NERD, and People Be Like, in a fairly dramatic shift.

YouTube Heroes Puts Moderation Controls In The Hands Of The Internet’s...

If there's one thing I've heard more than anything when it comes you viewing videos on YouTube it's "just don't look at the comments." This statement couldn't be more true as the YouTube community for the most part is full of the most toxic voices on the world wide web.
God of War 2016 – Kratos versus the Troll

God of War E3 2016 Trailer is the Most Watched Trailer...

Here's an interesting tidbit. The reveal trailer for Sony's upcoming God of War game, has become the most watched trailer of all games revealed at E3 this year, beating the previous holder, Battlefield 1.

Tumblr Launches Live Streaming Support for YouTube, Kanvas, and YouNow

Yesterday rumours surfaced suggesting that Tumblr would be the latest platform to launch some form of live-streaming for its users. Later that evening the...
hype managemenet

Hype Management Launches, Hopes to Help Video Game Content Creators Bloom

Today marks the launch of Hype Management, a new influencer relations and talent management agency tailored specifically for the video game industry and hopes to help bring video game publishers and brands together with top YouTube creators and Twitch streamers.

YouTube Red Announces Line-up for First Exclusive Content

YouTube has announced that YouTube Red will launch its first original content on February 10. With a line-up featuring some of the site's biggest channels, there could be a lot of people willing to at least try the new service out.

The Fine Bros. Throw in the Towel and Abandon React Trademark

Having completely angered the whole of the Internet over the past few days, The Fine Bros., the creators of the React YouTube Channel and various "... React to ..." videos, have abandoned the trademark for "React".

The Fine Bros. Try to Trademark “React” and the Internet is...

YouTube duo, The Fine Bros. who created Fine Bros Entertainment which pumps out regular "... React" videos such as "Teenagers React", "React: Gaming" and "Elders React", has come under fire this weekend following their company attempting to trademark the term "react".

Facebook Taking Closer Aim at YouTube in Latest Earnings Call

Facebook had it's Q4 earnings call yesterday, and it was a doozy.

YouTube Announces Paid Subscription Service YouTube Red

YouTube has announced a new service which it's calling 'YouTube Red'. It's the company's often rumoured paid subscription service that offers you a number of extra features and is set to launch in the US on October 28.

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