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Zynga: Don Mattrick Out, Mark Pincus in.. Again

Zynga isn't exactly doing well for itself recently. You may remember Zynga from the golden and short-lived age of Facebook gaming, they were pretty well known and had a ton of games that everyone seemed to play at some point. Then the mobile gaming industry boomed and Zynga tried to take a piece of the pie, but that didn't go well at all as the company overpaid for underperforming acquisitions, and had its stocks plummet since its IPO.

Someone Call Acme, Zynga Has Released a Looney Tunes Endless Runner

It's wabbit season! as Zynga and Twisted Metal developer Eat Sleep Play have announced the launch of a brand new endless runner, Looney Tunes Dash!, a free mobile game for Android and iOS that promises to offer something different than your standard endless runner title.

Zynga Launches FarmVille 2: Country Escape onto Mobile, I’m Totally Addicted.

Until this weekend-just-gone if someone was to mention FarmVille to me I'd immediately associate the game with stay-at-home mums, grand parents, and that one person on your friends list that keeps asking for corn. But now that's all changed now Zynga have launched FarmVille 2: Country Escape on Android and iOS!
candy crush

King gets Candy Crush-ed at the Stock Exchange

HA! I mean gee, how awful... Earlier this week King finished it's first day of trading with the big boys on the New York Stock...

Zynga to Release Three New Mobile Games this Year. Don’t Expect...

Zynga has fallen on pretty hard times recently. They've had to downsize considerably leaving 520 staff without jobs and are looking to go back to basics, or in this case, go back to the things that made them 'great' in the first place. According to the Zynga blog the company plans to launch three new mobile games this year based on their most popular titles - oh goodie!

You Can Now Pay for Virtual FarmVille Corn With Bitcoin!

That's right, it looks like Zynga have been experimenting with the cryptocurrency to offer another way for players of their popular games to pay for virtual goods using virtual currency - how meta!

Zynga pulls the plug on Draw Something developer OMGPOP

Zynga have announced that on September 30th they'll be fully shutting down OMGPOP, the developers behind the rapidly popular mobile Pictionary game, Draw Something, much to the companies protest.

Zynga sues Bang With Friends over copyright infringement.

Ever since Bang With Friends got noticed it's not exactly been featured in the most positive light. First with the overall concept and second because of the glitch that revealed who on your friends list is "DTF". Now however it's a less shady reason why Bang With Friends is in the spotlight; Words With Friends developer Zynga are suing the makers of the casual sex app because the name infringes on the 'With Friends' family of games.

It’s official Microsoft loses Don Mattrick to Zynga.

In what first began as a strong rumour initially reported by the Wall Street Journal, reports started to circulate that Microsoft's head of the Interactive Entertainment Business Don Mattrick was resigning in favour of a position at the social gaming giant Zynga. Within only a few hours it became official news as Zynga chairman spilled the beans.

Google+ Games Gets the Axe

Google+ was first seen as Google's attempt at re-creating Facebook. Some people adopted the search giants social network, others let it go over their heads. Much like with Facebook, Google+ offered a series of different social games. They're definitely something I never experience, nor did I know about it until now, but apparently as of June 30th Google+ Games will be no more.
Draw Something 2

Ryan Seacrest Reveals Draw Something 2??

[email protected] thanks! So excited to confirm #DrawSomething2 is coming soon w/ new ways to draw & connect. pic.twitter.com/BbrFm5m6Db

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