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Talking Animals in Film and TV: The Good and The Bad

I love films. I love animals. I love movies with animals. So why not have a little ‘best of the animal films’ session. Watching...

Winter is Coming – Game of Thrones Series Recap Finale

After a ton of catching up and back story, we reach the final stretch. To avoid confusion this final recap will be broken down by episode and only deal with events from Season 6.

Winter is Coming – Game of Thrones Series Recap Part 5

Winter is here and so is the season 7 premiere! Well, almost. So following our lengthy recap of the past couple of seasons, we're finally up to Season 5, and what a season it was.

Winter is Coming – Game of Thrones Series Recap Part 3

More wine, more betrayals, more boobs! As Bran and Rickon journey north they meet Jojen Reed and Meera Reed. Jojen informs Bran that he is a...

Winter is Coming – Game of Thrones Series Recap Part 2

As we continue to look forward to Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere, let us continue our recap of the story so far... Theon (Ned...

Winter is Coming – Game of Thrones Series Recap Part 1

With the season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones mere DAYS away, we here at n3rdabl3 felt it appropriate to catch everyone up on...

Prison Break S5E2-4: Kaniel Outis, The Liar and The Prisoner’s Dilemma

SPOILER ALERT: THe following article will contain (hopefully) mild spoilers, after all it's hard to review a TV series with such an intricate plot...

Prison Break S05 E01: “Ogygia” Review (Spoilers)

DISCLAIMER: The following series of articles will contain spoilers! Just in case you missed the title. Hard to review a series as complicated as...
Teddy Sears as Hunter Zolomon/Jay Garrick “Zoom” in The Flash “Versus Zoom”

The Flash – “Versus Zoom” Review

The answers we've been waiting for as to the truth behind Zoom's identity, Jay Garrick and Hunter Zolomon, finally arrive this week as The Flash takes the fight directly to him. It uhh, kind of ended up being a mistake on their part.
Ciara Renée, Arthur Darvill, Matt Nable and Caity Lotz as Kendra Saunders “Hawkgirl,” Rip Hunter, Ra’s al Ghul and Sara Lance “White Canary” in Legends of Tomorrow “Left Behind”

Legends of Tomorrow – “Left Behind” Review

With the Time Master's bounty hunter Chronos boarding the Waverider and forcing Rip to leave Kendra, Ray, and Sara behind in 1958, enough setup was laid for en effective second part installment. In turn we got more than that, and perhaps the most well-rounded installment of Legends of Tomorrow yet, as the creators dove deep into the concepts of characters having their own personal timelines, and what happens when these get displaced from their allies.
Iain De Caestecker and Henry Simmons as Leo Fiz and Alphonso ‘Mack’ Mackenzie in Agents of SHIELD “Watchdogs”

Agents of SHIELD – “Watchdogs” Review

With the rise of the Inhumans, the ATCU, and the impending release of Marvel's Civil War, the subject of what to do with powered individuals has been excellently addressed on Agents of SHIELD lately. Now that the wonders of how the bureaucratic world have been tended to, we see how the terrified of the world would: by terrorizing. In come the Watchdogs, a hate-speech spouting paramilitary group bent on making a statement toward the Inhuman threat. The disgust in their speeches and faceless appearance of their masks evoke images of the KKK, as a slightly exaggerated but at its core realistic approach to how the world would react.
Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak in Arrow “Beacon of Hope”

Arrow – “Beacon of Hope” Review

Even cyber criminals who aren't sent to jail are put under internet probation where they literally are not allowed to access anything online, so the concept that Brie Larven is able to hack her prison files to expedite her release is laughable in so many ways. But so is this entire villain. And this entire show episode.
Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock “Daredevil” in “A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen”

Daredevil – “A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen” Season Finale Review

There has been a very bittersweet feeling all throughout the second season of Daredevil, with Nelson and Murdock crumbling, the actions of taking down Wilson Fisk potentially having been in vain, and the slow spiral of Matt's life from the storm Elektra brought to him. While the first season fizzled out in the last third, this returning trip lost momentum after the Punisher's arrest but it picked things up big-time with The Hand showing up in full force. Though once again, it lacked the feeling of a grand conclusion, and instead seems that the end sprung up in surprise.
Tom Cavanagh and Grant Gustin as Eobard Thawn’s Harrison Wells “The Reverse Flash” and Barry Allen “The Flash” in “Flash Back”

The Flash – “Flash Back” Review

Ok, hot damn. The instant the premise of this episode was announced, I figured "There's just no way. They're gonna muck it up. It can't actually be that awesome." and yet here I am. Knowing that the only way to gain the speed needed to defeat Zoom is to master the science of the Speed Force, The Flash sets out to learn the secrets of his old mentor: Eobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash.
Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle “The Punisher” in Daredevil “The Dark at the End of the Tunnel”

Daredevil – “The Dark at the End of the Tunnel” Review

The mysteries intertwining the fate of The Punisher and Elektra, the Blacksmith and The Hand, have finally been met with answers. Rather odd answers, but they do not disappoint in providing Daredevil with exactly the revelation necessary.

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