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Kilgrave in Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones – “AKA The Sandwich Saved Me” Review

The thing about a show like this; with a meticulously thought out, cohesive, and whole season, is we know there's a ways to go. When Jessica and the team started gearing up and preparing to get Kilgrave locked up in that soundproof room, we knew it wasn't to last. That didn't stop the episode from offering some well executed thrills and twists, it did alleviate some of the tension.
Matt Murdock “Daredevil” and Frank Castle “The Punisher” in Daredevil

Daredevil – “New York’s Finest” Review

Daredevil has a trend of changing the timeframe of an episode to fit its needs. Certain installments seem to depict the gang over the course of weeks, while some over the course of just a few hours on a very, very long night. Last year's "Cut Man" put this to excellent use, with an injured Matt in enemy territory and on the run, and here we find him in a similar predicament; chained up and forced butting heads with The Punisher.
The Flash meets the Reverse Flash

The Flash – “The Reverse-Flash Returns” Review

Titling an episode "The Reverse-Flash Returns" after literally wiping the character from all existence at the end of last season seems like it would be just another gimmicky excuse to shoe-horn in an old villain. Like Deathstroke's appearance in Season 3 of Arrow, but instead it became a post-humous origin story for an amazing villain that summarily tells the tale of the never-ending war between The Flash and his Reverse. Well, never-ending in the original timeline at least.
Allison Paige as Eliza Harmon “Trajectory” in The Flash

The Flash – “Trajectory” Review

Coming back from hiatus in a big way, The Flash dealt with the ramifications of learning Zoom's true identity while also fighting to stop a new speedster. What could have just been another "Rogue of the week" installment actually brought with it some interesting developments for the STAR Labs crew.

Agents of SHIELD – “Chaos Theory” Review

One of the issues Agents of SHIELD had early on was an extremely slow pace. At this point, the show seems to be resolving...
Martin Stein and Valentina Vostok in Legends of Tomorrow

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – “Fail Safe” Review

With a much shorter stay spent in 1986 as opposed to 1975, Rip Hunter's team of Legends come together once again after being split off from last week's cliffhanger and must devise an escape from the Russian gulag.

Winter is Coming – Game of Thrones Series Recap Part 1

With the season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones mere DAYS away, we here at n3rdabl3 felt it appropriate to catch everyone up on...
The Walking Dead Midseason Finale

The Walking Dead – “Start to Finish” Review

Aside from the Daryl-Sasha-Abraham episode, this midseason finale of The Walking Dead together every trial and tribulation, every conflict the group has been dealing...
Daredevil and The Punisher

Daredevil – “Penny and Dime” Review

With such a powerful ending to close off this chapter of the season, and possibly even The Punisher's role in it, if you ever needed a single episode to point to and say that Daredevil deserves awards, it would be "Penny and Dime." Seeing these two vigilantes, two men who cannot agree on how to save the world, who cannot agree on the importance of a life or the value of humanity, come to such an unspoken understanding here is poetry. That when put in the right hands, some truly amazing things can be done with the characters of comic book lore.
Arrow – A.W.O.L.

Arrow – “A.W.O.L.” Review

If it seemed a bit rushed for Andy to simply give away the lead to Damien Darkh's base last week on Arrow, this episode seems like a sprint to the finish for Andy's story. Choosing to give him a redemption arc and be free at the end of this one episode is a bold decision, but one that pays off in a very fraternally focused episode that gives an emotional payoff to their every interaction so far this season.
Amy Gumenick as Carrie Cutter “Cupid” in Arrow “Broken Hearts”

Arrow – “Broken Hearts” Review

Oh boy, Arrow. What are we going to do with you. Returning from hiatus after an excellent episode featuring a fully fledged superhero team up between Green Arrow and Vixen against the formidable odds of Damien Darkh that oh-so-unfortunately ended on a really lame note, decided to follow through almost completely on that note.

The Walking Dead – “Always Accountable” Review

Perhaps learning from critics that the episodes which feature all of the cast and make rather little use of them leads to generally panned episodes, The Walking Dead has been opting to have extremely tight, focused installments on small portions of the cast. With the majority of the season featuring installments of small sections of the group, this one fell to Daryl, Abraham and Sasha as they ended up being separated once again and their mission to reunite and make it home.
Barry Allen as The Flash, Caitlin Snow, and John Diggle in “King Shark”

The Flash – “King Shark” Review

Alright let's get the big one out of the way real quick: I was kind of right on the whole "Jay is Zoom" thing but we're still not quite sure in what way. The masked man's frightened reaction to seeing Jay's body fall on the ground implies that perhaps the Jay we knew wasn't necessarily a bad man, but the Jay we see in the gimp suit is. My current running theory is that The Flash's current speedster antagonist is either A) Jay from the future, who was driven mad by his addiction to Velocity 9 and thus can't kill his past self lest he completely disappear, or B) Hunter Zolomon from Earth-1. That one's actually rather straightforward, and makes me inclined to lean away from that, though it does seem that Zolomon is connected to whatever the true twist is with Zoom.

Winter is Coming – Game of Thrones Series Recap Part 2

As we continue to look forward to Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere, let us continue our recap of the story so far... Theon (Ned...
Coulson and Skye in Agents of Shield

Agents of SHIELD – “Closure” Review

Well that was one way to set us up for a crazy climax. A lot happened this week in Agents of SHIELD, and a lot of it was good.

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