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Elektra Natchios in Daredevil

Daredevil – “Kinbaku” Review

I was skeptical of the abrupt conclusion to The Punisher's story after such a phenomenal episode, but seeing how the transition toward Elektra's involvement in the Daredevil's life is being played out I'm optimistic. The alluring d tale of Elektra Natchios toward Matt's inner devil is an exciting new spin on the character we have yet to see here; and the shift in the status quo managed to keep the pace flowing well.
Coulson and Skye in Agents of Shield

Agents of SHIELD – “Closure” Review

Well that was one way to set us up for a crazy climax. A lot happened this week in Agents of SHIELD, and a lot of it was good.
Legends of Tomorrow “Pilot, Part 2”

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – “Pilot, Part 2” Review

Considering the two parts of the pilot didn't air consecutively, it seems odd for the two episodes to be paired together at all. The Legends remain in 1975 and pursue their only lead on Vandal Savage: and it goes about as well as you'd think a supposedly climactic battle would go in the second episode.
Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blook as Bobbi Morse “Mockingbird” and Lance Hunter in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD “Parting Shot”

Agents of SHIELD – “Parting Shot” Review

With the announcement that Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter would be spinning off of Agents of SHIELD to star in a spinoff, "Marvel's Most Wanted," it didn't take long for the pair to be written out of the show completely. While they had a beautiful send off and an excellent morally complex mission, there are some issues to be had here.
Mari McCabe and Oliver Queen in Arrow

Arrow – “Taken” Review

After three years of build-up, the revelation of Oliver's secret son William blew up into a fantastically busy episode of Arrow, that also managed to be a mini-crossover with The CW's animated series Vixen. With no other options available, Team Arrow had to use everything at their disposal to come at Damien Darkh and save William.

Winter is Coming – Game of Thrones Series Recap Part 3

More wine, more betrayals, more boobs! As Bran and Rickon journey north they meet Jojen Reed and Meera Reed. Jojen informs Bran that he is a...

The Flash – “Gorilla Warfare” Review

Following after the startling showdown between The Flash and Zoom, the STAR Labs crew took a breather and we got more of the still-impressive appearance of Grodd. While the slowed pace was understandable, there was a sense of awkwardness to the proceedings, and it seemed as if Barry wasn't the only one off his groove.
Daredevil and Elektra in “Regrets Only”

Daredevil – “Regrets Only” Review

Ok so I get that the show is called Daredevil and we're supposed to care about who these not-Yakuza are and what sort of mystical plot they've been planning for decades here in Hell's Kitchen but all I care about is The People v. Frank Castle, if we're being completely honest here.
The Flash and Green Arrow in Legends of Today

The Flash – “Legends of Today” Review

With The CW hyping up this years big crossover between The Flash and Arrow, as well as finish laying all the groundwork down for...
The Flash and Wally West

The Flash – “Fast Lane” Review

Something that The Flash has done a good job of, from the beginning, is delivering the payoff sooner rather than later. After the midseason finale and Harry making a deal to steal The Flash's speed in exchange for his daughter's life, it became unclear just how long we would have to wait for everything to come out in the open. Even here, watching Harry sit there as they discussed the loss in Speed Force hinted that he was starting to regret his decisions and lead towards his coming clean, and bam. Right then and there he says it all and puts his hands behind his head.
Tom Cavanagh and Grant Gustin as Eobard Thawn’s Harrison Wells “The Reverse Flash” and Barry Allen “The Flash” in “Flash Back”

The Flash – “Flash Back” Review

Ok, hot damn. The instant the premise of this episode was announced, I figured "There's just no way. They're gonna muck it up. It can't actually be that awesome." and yet here I am. Knowing that the only way to gain the speed needed to defeat Zoom is to master the science of the Speed Force, The Flash sets out to learn the secrets of his old mentor: Eobard Thawne, the Reverse Flash.
Star City 2046

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – “Star City 2046” Review

Taking full advantage of its time-traveling capabilities and the years of world building put into The CW's DC universe, Legends of Tomorrow brought us to a dystopian version of Star City 30 years into the future. A world where the Green Arrow is dead and Deathtroke has come back with a vengeance to tear the city to pieces and throw it into complete chaos.

Winter Is Coming – Game of Thrones Series Recap Part 4

Coming off the heels of the Red Wedding, lets move our focus now to our favorite dysfunctional family, the Lannisters. Following Joffrey's announcement that...

Arrow – “Brotherhood” Review

Something truly astounding has happened: the episode of Arrow this week was better than The Flash! I know, it's a weird feeling right? I'm...
Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson and Charlie Cox as Karen Page, Foggy Nelson, and Matt Murdock in Daredevil

Daredevil – “Semper Fidelis” Review

Poor Matthew. This is a dilemma all superheroes must face: do I prioritize putting the Daredevil mask on or his shades and lawyer-ing up? With the curtains behind the not-Yakuza slowly being pulled, but also the goddamn case of The People V. Frank Castle on the line, he's having a difficult time prioritizing. And honestly? He's kind of mucking it u

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