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Elektra Natchios in Daredevil

Daredevil – “Kinbaku” Review

I was skeptical of the abrupt conclusion to The Punisher's story after such a phenomenal episode, but seeing how the transition toward Elektra's involvement in the Daredevil's life is being played out I'm optimistic. The alluring d tale of Elektra Natchios toward Matt's inner devil is an exciting new spin on the character we have yet to see here; and the shift in the status quo managed to keep the pace flowing well.
Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blook as Bobbi Morse “Mockingbird” and Lance Hunter in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD “Parting Shot”

Agents of SHIELD – “Parting Shot” Review

With the announcement that Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter would be spinning off of Agents of SHIELD to star in a spinoff, "Marvel's Most Wanted," it didn't take long for the pair to be written out of the show completely. While they had a beautiful send off and an excellent morally complex mission, there are some issues to be had here.
Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle “The Punisher” In Daredevil “Seven Minutes in Heaven”

Daredevil “Seven Minutes in Heaven” Review

After the big reveal of Wilson Fisk back to pulling strings behind the scenes, it was a smart decision to deliver us his perspective; his view of the past year behind bars. Not only was it fantastic to see such a great villain make a return trip and take the spotlight, as the war between Daredevil and The Hand took a backseat for the time being.
Rosario Dawson and Charlie Cox as Claire Temple and Matt Murdock in Daredevil “The Man Inside the Box”

Daredevil – “The Man in the Box” Review

With the cogs in the machinery of this grand conspiracy turning faster than ever, Daredevil manages to make the most out of it's fantastic ensemble cast to bring the tension to a boil.
Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle “The Punisher” in Daredevil “The Dark at the End of the Tunnel”

Daredevil – “The Dark at the End of the Tunnel” Review

The mysteries intertwining the fate of The Punisher and Elektra, the Blacksmith and The Hand, have finally been met with answers. Rather odd answers, but they do not disappoint in providing Daredevil with exactly the revelation necessary.
Daredevil and Elektra in “Regrets Only”

Daredevil – “Regrets Only” Review

Ok so I get that the show is called Daredevil and we're supposed to care about who these not-Yakuza are and what sort of mystical plot they've been planning for decades here in Hell's Kitchen but all I care about is The People v. Frank Castle, if we're being completely honest here.
Barry Allen as The Flash, Caitlin Snow, and John Diggle in “King Shark”

The Flash – “King Shark” Review

Alright let's get the big one out of the way real quick: I was kind of right on the whole "Jay is Zoom" thing but we're still not quite sure in what way. The masked man's frightened reaction to seeing Jay's body fall on the ground implies that perhaps the Jay we knew wasn't necessarily a bad man, but the Jay we see in the gimp suit is. My current running theory is that The Flash's current speedster antagonist is either A) Jay from the future, who was driven mad by his addiction to Velocity 9 and thus can't kill his past self lest he completely disappear, or B) Hunter Zolomon from Earth-1. That one's actually rather straightforward, and makes me inclined to lean away from that, though it does seem that Zolomon is connected to whatever the true twist is with Zoom.
Teddy Sears as Hunter Zolomon/Jay Garrick “Zoom” in The Flash “Versus Zoom”

The Flash – “Versus Zoom” Review

The answers we've been waiting for as to the truth behind Zoom's identity, Jay Garrick and Hunter Zolomon, finally arrive this week as The Flash takes the fight directly to him. It uhh, kind of ended up being a mistake on their part.
Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock “Daredevil” in “A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen”

Daredevil – “A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen” Season Finale Review

There has been a very bittersweet feeling all throughout the second season of Daredevil, with Nelson and Murdock crumbling, the actions of taking down Wilson Fisk potentially having been in vain, and the slow spiral of Matt's life from the storm Elektra brought to him. While the first season fizzled out in the last third, this returning trip lost momentum after the Punisher's arrest but it picked things up big-time with The Hand showing up in full force. Though once again, it lacked the feeling of a grand conclusion, and instead seems that the end sprung up in surprise.
Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson and Charlie Cox as Karen Page, Foggy Nelson, and Matt Murdock in Daredevil

Daredevil – “Semper Fidelis” Review

Poor Matthew. This is a dilemma all superheroes must face: do I prioritize putting the Daredevil mask on or his shades and lawyer-ing up? With the curtains behind the not-Yakuza slowly being pulled, but also the goddamn case of The People V. Frank Castle on the line, he's having a difficult time prioritizing. And honestly? He's kind of mucking it u
Earth-2 in The Flash

The Flash – “Welcome to Earth-2” Review

Ever since we got the earliest of glimpses into this other world at the start of the season, we all started asking: so when are we going in? The Flash dives deep into doppelganger madness by bringing a majority of the cast into a wholly new setting, in what is clearly meant to be a two-parter episode. There's a whole lot going on here, but how well does it get across from the script to the screen?
Hive in Agents of Shield “The Inside Man”

Agents of SHIELD – “The Inside Man” Review

It's clear that Agents of SHIELD is far more comfortable tackling espionage, spy trickery, and double-crossing than it is with superpowers and Inhumans. In a way it felt like I'd seen this episode before however, that they've done this song and dance. Coulson using a false identity, at some dignified party trying to discern who's HYDRA and who's not. I'd be tempted to slam this installment for that alone if the result of it hadn't ended up being so effective.
Oliver Queen and Ruvé Adams in Arrow

Arrow – “Code of Silence” Review

Given the gigantic reveal that not only did Malcolm know that Oliver had a son, but that he revealed this information to Damien Darkh seemed ripe for bringing an immediate, sudden and unexpected conflict to Team Arrow. Instead it appears that this will be paying off with next week's episode, as we primarily dealt with not the Green Arrow's struggle, but instead Oliver Queen's and his mayoral campaign.
Scott Glenn as Stick in Daredevil “Guilty as Sin”

Daredevil – “Guilty as Sin” Review

Aaaaaaaand there it is. Picking up directly where the previous episode left us hanging in such a fantastic way is something truly refreshing that can be done with shows designed around being binge-watched. Then jumping directly into a fight with Daredevil and The Hand? This strong opening was a jolt of adrenaline just when the show needed it.
Arrow “Eleven-Fifty-Nine”

Arrow – “Eleven-Fifty-Nine” Review

From the instant Laurel said "One last time" before suiting up as the Black Canary it was all but confirmed that she was toast. Especially after the opportunity for her to finally become the DA, something she was striving for ever since the first season of the show. Having this grand emotional dilemma between choosing to pursue her career as Laurel Lance or her career as the Black Canary appear completely out of the blue didn't help her chances either. With the flashback involving Ollie missing her as his "home" on Earth, this was truly the end of her tale. And so she was buried, as were the dreams of any comic fan hoping to actually see the Green Arrow and Black Canary as the ultimate superhero couple. Goddamnit.

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