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Matt Murdock “Daredevil” and Frank Castle “The Punisher” in Daredevil

Daredevil – “New York’s Finest” Review

Daredevil has a trend of changing the timeframe of an episode to fit its needs. Certain installments seem to depict the gang over the course of weeks, while some over the course of just a few hours on a very, very long night. Last year's "Cut Man" put this to excellent use, with an injured Matt in enemy territory and on the run, and here we find him in a similar predicament; chained up and forced butting heads with The Punisher.
Frank Castle “The Punsiher” in Daredevil

Daredevil – “Dogs to a Gunfight” Review

After a strong opener which clearly established the enigmatic warpath of The Punisher (who even received the name drop here,) Daredevil picks things right back where we started. Still reeling from his near-fatal encounter with The Punisher, it's up to Foggy Nelson to protect Grotto.
Daredevil in “Bang”

Daredevil – “Bang” Review

Nearly a year since the defeat of Wilson Fisk, the criminal element in Hell's Kitchen looks to fill the void and take control. The much-anticipated return to this corner of New York in Marvel's Daredevil looks to rise the stakes and introduce a new legendary antagonist/antihero.
Hive in Agents of Shield “The Inside Man”

Agents of SHIELD – “The Inside Man” Review

It's clear that Agents of SHIELD is far more comfortable tackling espionage, spy trickery, and double-crossing than it is with superpowers and Inhumans. In a way it felt like I'd seen this episode before however, that they've done this song and dance. Coulson using a false identity, at some dignified party trying to discern who's HYDRA and who's not. I'd be tempted to slam this installment for that alone if the result of it hadn't ended up being so effective.
Phil Coulson and President Ellis in Agents of SHIELD

Agents of SHIELD – “Bouncing Back” Review

I always get giddy with excitement like a child on Christmas Day when there are speedsters involved. SHE WAS SO FAST. With a fantastic new Inhuman on the scene who may or may not be joining the Secret Warriors and a few vague answers on what happens now with the Hydra and their mystery Death-man, Agents of SHIELD came back in a big way.
Leonard Snart and Martin Stein in Legends of Tomorrow

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – “Night of the Hawk” Review

Not going to lie, I had to double check and make sure I wasn't watching Supernatural based off the first minute or two. In order to regain the advantage of surprise on Vandal Savage, Rip and his team of Legends travels further back in time to 1958, where they find the immortal madman living a peaceful life as a doctor at a psych ward. Oh, and experimenting on punks in the town and turning them into alien vampires. Can't forget that.
Heat Wave in “Marooned”

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – “Marooned” Review

With a fellow Time Master in distress and no more leads on Vandal Savage, Rip Hunter and his team of Legends deal with brigands, pirates, and mutiny aboard their own ship.
Star City 2046

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – “Star City 2046” Review

Taking full advantage of its time-traveling capabilities and the years of world building put into The CW's DC universe, Legends of Tomorrow brought us to a dystopian version of Star City 30 years into the future. A world where the Green Arrow is dead and Deathtroke has come back with a vengeance to tear the city to pieces and throw it into complete chaos.
Mari McCabe and Oliver Queen in Arrow

Arrow – “Taken” Review

After three years of build-up, the revelation of Oliver's secret son William blew up into a fantastically busy episode of Arrow, that also managed to be a mini-crossover with The CW's animated series Vixen. With no other options available, Team Arrow had to use everything at their disposal to come at Damien Darkh and save William.
Barry Allen as The Flash, Caitlin Snow, and John Diggle in “King Shark”

The Flash – “King Shark” Review

Alright let's get the big one out of the way real quick: I was kind of right on the whole "Jay is Zoom" thing but we're still not quite sure in what way. The masked man's frightened reaction to seeing Jay's body fall on the ground implies that perhaps the Jay we knew wasn't necessarily a bad man, but the Jay we see in the gimp suit is. My current running theory is that The Flash's current speedster antagonist is either A) Jay from the future, who was driven mad by his addiction to Velocity 9 and thus can't kill his past self lest he completely disappear, or B) Hunter Zolomon from Earth-1. That one's actually rather straightforward, and makes me inclined to lean away from that, though it does seem that Zolomon is connected to whatever the true twist is with Zoom.
Martin Stein and Valentina Vostok in Legends of Tomorrow

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – “Fail Safe” Review

With a much shorter stay spent in 1986 as opposed to 1975, Rip Hunter's team of Legends come together once again after being split off from last week's cliffhanger and must devise an escape from the Russian gulag.
Oliver Queen and Ruvé Adams in Arrow

Arrow – “Code of Silence” Review

Given the gigantic reveal that not only did Malcolm know that Oliver had a son, but that he revealed this information to Damien Darkh seemed ripe for bringing an immediate, sudden and unexpected conflict to Team Arrow. Instead it appears that this will be paying off with next week's episode, as we primarily dealt with not the Green Arrow's struggle, but instead Oliver Queen's and his mayoral campaign.
Killer Frost, Earth-2 Iris West and Barry Allen, Cisco Ramon, and Earth-2 Harrison Wells in The Flash

The Flash – “Escape from Earth-2” Review

In what seems to be a recurring trend for the Arrowverse, the latter half of the two-parter surpasses the former by a hefty margin. With The Flash locked up in Zoom's lair with the mysterious masked man and Jesse, it's up to Harry and Cisco to assemble a team to overcome the odds and get back to their home.
Leonard Snart in Legends of Tomorrow

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – “White Knights” Review

Just like how last week, the highlight was easily Snart's motivations to prevent his father from going down a dark path, this week on Legends the emotional core of the episode relied on Snart and his split nature.
Malcolm Merlyn in Sins of the Father

Arrow – “Sins of the Father” Review

Everything League of Assassins came to a point in Star City, with Nyssa al Ghul propositioning the Green Arrow to kill Malcolm Merlyn as Ra's al Ghul once and for all: bringing the League into civil war.

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