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Coulson and Skye in Agents of Shield

Agents of SHIELD – “Closure” Review

Well that was one way to set us up for a crazy climax. A lot happened this week in Agents of SHIELD, and a lot of it was good.
The Walking Dead Midseason Finale

The Walking Dead – “Start to Finish” Review

Aside from the Daryl-Sasha-Abraham episode, this midseason finale of The Walking Dead together every trial and tribulation, every conflict the group has been dealing...
Kilgrave in Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones – “AKA The Sandwich Saved Me” Review

The thing about a show like this; with a meticulously thought out, cohesive, and whole season, is we know there's a ways to go. When Jessica and the team started gearing up and preparing to get Kilgrave locked up in that soundproof room, we knew it wasn't to last. That didn't stop the episode from offering some well executed thrills and twists, it did alleviate some of the tension.
Jessica talking to Patsy

Jessica Jones – “AKA 99 Friends” Review

One thing this show just seems to get is how to have many different, disconnected plotlines that all seem to matter just as much as one another. Whether it be Jessica hunting Kilgrave, her paparazzi, her different clients, the support group with Hogarth, the cop trying to make amends with Jessica, and making amends with Patsy, it all fit. Not show can have that much going on without something feeling out of place. Naturally there was one that didn't quite fit, but for the most part that was a lot to juggle.
Photos of Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones – “AKA It’s Called Whiskey” Review

We had more first hand experience with the effects of Kilgrave on his victims, some excellent plans and schemes from Jessica, and some hair-raising tension. Oh, and like four different sex scenes. There was that too.
Spencer in danger

The Walking Dead – “Heads Up” Review

I mean we saw it coming from a mile away. Everyone was freaking out about it for the past month. Glenn ended up being alive. I was one of the people who figured as much, but at the same time it's a bit disappointing that they played this up so much. Now how are we to believe it if he actually dies? Of course, this could be to set us up for a very brutal demise such as one that (spoilers for the comics: he may be in store for if they follow the source material) but that's just one possibility. Regardless, the show didn't tiptoe around it and used the various hanging plot-threads to tie it all together for the big free-for-all in the mid-season finale next week.
Luke Cage in Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones – “AKA Crush Syndrome” Review

Reviewing individual episodes of a show like Daredevil and Jessica Jones poses an interesting challenge, as the shows are designed with the knowledge that...

Jessica Jones – “AKA Ladies Night” Review

I've always preferred television as a medium of adapting comic book stories rather than movies. I'm a big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, loved the movies, but like many others, I didn't even know how to react when Daredevil hit the scene and perfected everything I've wanted from this universe. In comes Jessica Jones, a character few people are familiar with, and a history you can do anything with. With the same producers onboard, my expectations have been through the roof. At the moment? Consider me duly impressed. And I say duly, for now.
Coulson and SHIELD

Agents of SHIELD – “Many Heads, One Tale” Review

What with the rise of the Inhumans, the ATCU's shady antics, Ward's attempts to rise the ranks in Hydra, and Simmons having gone through the Monolith; Agents of SHIELD has been a bit busy this season. With things seeming to settle down at the end of last episode, now was the prime time for a mix-up, this being that the shadowy player introduced last week, Gideon Malick, being the piece that ties all of them together.

Arrow – “Brotherhood” Review

Something truly astounding has happened: the episode of Arrow this week was better than The Flash! I know, it's a weird feeling right? I'm...

The Flash – “Gorilla Warfare” Review

Following after the startling showdown between The Flash and Zoom, the STAR Labs crew took a breather and we got more of the still-impressive appearance of Grodd. While the slowed pace was understandable, there was a sense of awkwardness to the proceedings, and it seemed as if Barry wasn't the only one off his groove.

The Walking Dead – “Always Accountable” Review

Perhaps learning from critics that the episodes which feature all of the cast and make rather little use of them leads to generally panned episodes, The Walking Dead has been opting to have extremely tight, focused installments on small portions of the cast. With the majority of the season featuring installments of small sections of the group, this one fell to Daryl, Abraham and Sasha as they ended up being separated once again and their mission to reunite and make it home.

Agents of SHIELD – “Chaos Theory” Review

One of the issues Agents of SHIELD had early on was an extremely slow pace. At this point, the show seems to be resolving...

Arrow – “Lost Souls” Review

With Sara making her return as well as last weeks cliffhanger reveal of Ray's survival, it seems resurrection is on the rise in Star City. This episode was a direct continuation of that plotline, that centered on Felicity and her issues in not only trying to save Ray's life, but coming to terms that someone she was so intimate with may not be gone after all. While it could have been an interesting presence, it instead felt like a retread of the majority of Season 3's problems, and the over-reliance in setting up Legends of Tomorrow.
the flash enter zoom review

The Flash – “Enter Zoom” Review

With such a memorable villain as the Reverse-Flash last season, it remained to be seen how Zoom would be differentiated from his like-powered predecessor. Jay and Harry alike have spoken of Zoom's terror, and though we've seen him briefly beforehand, it wasn't until his bold arrival on Earth Prime that we see what he's capable of.

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