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The Evolution of The Black Power Ranger

Let's face it, you kind of grew out of Power Rangers but you might sometimes slip back into it as an adult, mostly because of YouTube... Oh come on guys, this can't be only me who did this right? Oh well, never mind... back on topic.

The N3WS – Need For Speed: Payback, Pokemon Go PVP, New...

This week on The N3WS, Gage brings us some of the top headlines of last week. Need for Speed: Payback was made official by EA and we have our first look at the trailer for the newest racing game in the series.

The N3WS – Far Cry 5, Overwatch Skins, Bethesda at E3

This week Gage fills us in on the issues people have with Far Cry 5 and why it's a non-issue. Then he runs us through the news surrounding GTAV, Overwatch, Game of Thrones and more. Plus some coverage of Bethesda at E3 and the reviews of Emily is Away Too and RiME.

The N3WS – Sonic Forces, Destiny 2, The Surge Review Here's the latest episode of The N3WS hosted by Dylan! This week Dylan goes over some news from the upcoming Sonic Forces game, Destiny...

The N3WS – Sony @ E3, Gaming Leaks & Prey Review Gage is here this week to bring you the N3WS! On this week's show there is a lot of E3, rumour and leak talks...

The N3WS – Xbox @ E3, NowThis Nerd, Darksiders 3

Dylan is here this week to catch you up on all the nerdy things you missed out on from last week.

The N3WS – Call of Duty WWII, Nintendo 2DS XL, Outlast... This week on the N3ews, Gage hits you with some video game headlines that topped last week. First, he breaks down the Call of...

The N3WS – Call of Duty WWII, Red Dead Redemption 2,... Despite the Easter Bank Holidays giving everyone in the UK the Monday off, there's still plenty of content to talk about this week! Check...
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The N3WS – Overwatch, Nintendo, Star Wars Each week we publish quite a lot of content here at n3rdabl3, so if you want to know what the most interesting bits we...

Strange Parts Creates iPhone 6S From Scratch in China

Ever wondered whether its possible to build your own iPhone from scratch? Well, one YouTube creator by the name of Strange Parts took the...

The N3WS – Project Scorpio, Persona 5, Yooka-Laylee Each week we publish quite a lot of content here at n3rdabl3, so if you want to know what the most interesting bits we...
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The N3WS – Destiny 2, Justice League, Iron Fist We publish quite a bit of stuff here every week at n3rdabl3, so rather than make you have to go and look for all...

Here’s How Well an iPad Pro Works as a Skateboard Deck

The iPad Pro is probably the biggest iPad you can purchase right now. Though it's considered a tablet, it's really not. I mean, it's a whole 12-inches of tablet, that's pretty much a small TV. Anyway, we know the iPad Pro is big, but is it big enough to be a viable replacement for a skateboard deck?

GTA V Fan Trailer Shows us Why There’s No VR Version

Fan trailers are fantastic as they often blow things way out of proportion to show us just how awesome things could be if they were made a reality. There's one fan trailer though which shows how actually horrible GTA V would be as a VR title.

Here’s What The Legend of Zelda Would Look Like As A...

It's not often that a fan-made trailer has me in awe, but this particular one which imagines The Legend of Zelda as a Studio Ghibli movie is absolutely charming.

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