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Sure, Switch Games Taste Like Shit, But What About Other Gaming...

It's become quite clear, due to the sheer amount of coverage, that Nintendo Switch games taste like shit. Apparently that's what gaming journalism has come to nowadays. So in an effort to remain "in the loop" I've decided to try my hand at tasting other gaming media, y'know, "for science".
Dylan Outside of Nintendo HQ

I Sat Outside Nintendo for Hours Trying to get a Switch:...

I don't know if you've noticed, but Nintendo seems to be releasing a new console known as the Nintendo Switch. You might have heard...

Pornhub’s Insights for 2016 Reveals Gaming-related Stats

With another year over, it's another installment of Pornhub's Year in Review. While there are all sorts of wonderful, insightful, and completely NSFW stats...
Kairos 2.0

Rollercoaster Tycoon Coaster Takes Nearly a Year to Finish

Let that sink in - the bastard responsible for the probable end of humanity in this innocent video game is out there, right now, maniacally cackling at the thought of it all.

Google/Amazon Reactions 101

I'm trying not to chuckle as I write this.  I'm not really sure whether to look at these reactions and say Google and Amazon...

Heated iPhone vs Galaxy S6 Argument Leads to Stabbing

It's not the biggest deal when people have debates over which is better, Apple's iPhone or Samsung's Galaxy S series- it's something which has gone on for years and will continue as long as they keep innovating and improving. What you don't expect to hear though is people stabbing each other after claiming one device is better than the other.

Someone is Still Sending Copies of The Interview via Balloon to...

Remember The Interview and the controversy it caused as North Korea supposedly hacked Sony Pictures and threatened to release sensitive information if the company doesn't cancel the release of the movie? Can you also remember that miraculously on Christmas Day - the movie's original debut - various independent theatres still showed the movie and Sony Pictures added the movie to Google Play, iTunes, and more? Can you remember how quickly everyone forgot about the movie after seeing it? I certainly can. But one fellow hasn't and is still sending balloons to North Korea with the movie attached..
samsung blade edge

April Fool 2015 Round Up.. Some of the Best Pranks This...

I love and hate April 1. I love all of the elaborate pranks that the likes of Google, Samsung, and other companies manage to pull off, I also hate sifting through the news both before and after April 1 because I'm just not sure what's a joke and what's serious. Take Amazon's Dash Buttons for example, the idea seems just too good to be true, but Amazon is claiming it's real. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE.. Either way, here's a round up of this year's best pranks which I know can't be true.. right?

New Jurassic World TV Spot is AWESOME

The Jurassic Park series has always had a solid place in my heart, no matter how much Jurassic Park 3 absolutely terrified me. I'm absolutely stoked for Jurassic World, and now it seems I can pop a date in my calendar as to when we'll be able to see the movie.
burger king perfume feature

Smell like a Whopper with New Burger King Perfume

Burger King Japan hopes you'll want to smell like a Whopper every day, with new perfume When you're starving, the Whopper is the best smelling...
halo combat evolved

Twitch is Trying to Play HALO and it’s Hurting my Head

Twitch plays HALO is as dumb as you think it is. Following the success of Twitch Plays Pokémon, some clever sod thought it'd be a...
destiny ps photoshopvideo

This is Why You Don’t Enable PS4 Share Play With Strangers

My two least favourite things on the internet are glitches and naivety, and this video has both in an abundance. I'm unsure whether is...

Robot Vacuum Hungry for… Hair? WWMKD?

A woman in South Korea got up close and personal with her robot vacuum as it ate her hair while she slept, yes this is a real story.
spooky 2

Spooky Selfies is as Dumb as it Sounds, but it’s Brilliant

The "selfie" is the stupidest name for the art of self expression through self-portrait photography but unfortunately for those that hate the world, the bloody thing is here to stay.

Your Cat is Rubbish Compared to Grumpy Cat

Why? Because your cat has never earned you nearly 100 million dollars.

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